‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Gets Pulled Into Jordan’s Investigation, Ryan Grasps An Opportunity

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital contained some interesting developments, and spoilers hint that these will have a significant impact on what happens over the course of the next few episodes. Ryan thinks he has the upper hand as his reign of terror in Port Charles continues, but it sounds as if the walls will be closing in on him soon.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Ryan visited Kevin at Ferncliff, and there were some surprises within that visit. Kevin is now blind just like Ryan and Anna were, and Kevin tricked his brother into thinking there’s a hefty settlement on the line with a nonexistent prenuptial agreement with Laura.

Jordan and Curtis are frustrated with their investigation, feeling as if there’s something significant right under their noses that they’re missing. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jordan will reach out to someone during Thursday’s show, explaining that she thinks this person can help with the investigation in some way.

Based on the previews for the January 31 episode, it looks as if it may be Franco who receives the phone call from Jordan. Given Franco’s history, it seems that Jordan may just think that Franco can provide some much-needed insight into her investigation. However, Franco may be feeling defensive and hesitant to dip his toe into these waters.

Unfortunately, Franco will unwittingly end up right in the center of this situation soon. General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps detail that something will make Franco furious during Friday’s show, and he’ll reach out to “Kevin” next week asking for some support.

The theory has been that Franco may reach out to “Kevin” to ask for guidance on the Aiden situation. “Kevin” ditched Franco as a client, but with the worries over Aiden’s well-being, Franco may set his frustrations aside to try to get help as the family faces these tough questions about Aiden.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan will firmly grasp this reconnection and use Franco to further his agenda. Beginning with the February 6 episode, Ryan will start to make Franco his pawn. Apparently, Ryan will start up therapy sessions with Franco again and start to use the information he gathers to cast suspicion on Franco to keep himself off the radar.

Soap Central explains that eventually, Ryan’s quest for recognition will be key in bringing him down, and it is known that Laura, in particular, will get closer to figuring out the truth by the day. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of destruction playing out along the way, and General Hospital spoilers share that things will be quite intense with this storyline over the next couple of weeks.