Outraged Mom Hits Out At Meghan Markle Trolls Who Are Calling The Duchess’s Baby Bump ‘Fake’

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As any mom-to-be knows all too well, it’s a hard graft being pregnant. There’s the hormonal imbalance, mood swings, swollen ankles, peculiar cravings, unrelenting vomiting, and interfering mothers-in-law to contend with, not to mention the anxiety surrounding the birth itself.

It’s a tough gig alright but when you’re as famous and as scrutinized as someone like Meghan Markle, the ante is upped somewhat.

And that’s why a fellow mom has taken great umbrage over comments that she read on a news website about the Duchess of Sussex’s baby bump being fake, and that her pregnancy is being staged as a publicity stunt to win over popular opinion.

The Daily Express reports that the livid lady took to popular parenting site Mumsnet to vent her spleen about conspiracy theories which accuse Meghan of staging a phantom pregnancy.

Meghan’s defender snapped, “Honestly, it’s unreal. There’s a headline article about her on the Daily Mail and there’s 3.6k comments. I’d say 99 percent slagging her off and so many people saying it’s so clearly a fake bump and the reason she’s holding it all the time is so it doesn’t fall? What the hell? Why?”

Why indeed? Meghan is not the first British royal in recent times to be accused of having a phantom pregnancy. All of Kate Middleton’s pregnancies have been rumored to be fake by those who love a good conspiracy theory but are always a little shy of providing any evidence or the reasons to back it up.

As the Mumsnet user pointed out, the fact that people believe this in the first instance is both “pathetic and scary.”

Pathetic and scary it may be, but even those who don’t think Meghan is strutting around the place with a fake plastic bump are adamant that there is some sort of mystery surrounding her pregnancy

Another poster on Mumsnet wrote cryptically that Meghan’s bump is definitely not fake, although she believes Meghan’s more than six months pregnant or else the Duchess is carrying twins.

“She seems very big for her supposed gestation, being a first timer. Or of course I could be wrong, and she’s just got a very prominent bump.”

Meghan meets a dog.
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Another Mumsnet user pointed out that even though she does not think Meghan is rocking a fake pregnancy bump, these devices are apparently a real thing and people do use them. Why? I guess we’ll never know.

“Oh you can get fake pregnancy bumps. They’re called moon bumps I believe. Beyonce is another person who was accused of doing this.”