Sarah Jessica Parker Imagines Carrie Bradshaw & Mr. Big In 2019, Addresses Rumored ‘SATC’ Death Storyline

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Sarah Jessica Parker last wore Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolos in 2010 when she reprised her role as the beloved New York style icon in the second Sex and the City movie. Nearly a decade later—and with no third and final movie in sight—the actress talked about where she thinks her character would be today.

When fans last saw Carrie, she had married her longtime love Mr. Big (Chris Noth) after a roller-coaster relationship that spanned more than a decade. In a new interview with E! News, Parker, who has been privy to a now-scrapped SATC 3 script, revealed that she thinks Carrie and her man would still be together.

“My guess is that she and Big are New Yorkers and still involved. I’m sure she’s still writing. I’m sure she has a lot to write about given what’s happened in this country over the last year and a half, two years, politically, socially. I think she would be deeply engaged in those conversations. I think that she would still be a voracious reader and have maintained those friendships and I would hope that she and Big were enjoying their time together and still you know, in love and in like.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s summary of a future Carrie and Big varies greatly from a previously leaked alleged plotline detailed in journalist James Andrew Miller’s oral history of the series, Sex and the City: 1, 2 & Out.

As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Miller painted a dire future for Carrie after her husband John James Preston, aka Big. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Miller alleged on his Origins podcast that Mr. Big would have killed off in the third and finale SATC movie. The death of Mr. Big was reportedly to happen “relatively early” in the film of a sudden “heart attack in the shower” and the focus of the movie would have been more about Carrie’s new life as a widow as she leaned on pals Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha (Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall). The film was officially scraped for good last year despite Parker’s promise that Sex and the City scribe Michael Patrick King had one more story to tell.

In the E! interview, Parker did not confirm the rumored storyline that fans will probably never see, but she did admit Carrie “would be devastated if her husband passed away.”

“I think she would feel a great a loss in a partner and grateful for the time and memories they had. That would be my guess,” the Sex and the City star said. “She would celebrate the life they lived, the time they had, memories shared, and yes, raise the Stella and pour it forward.”

It should be noted that Sarah Jessica Parker is part of the Stella Artois and’s Super Bowl ad campaign, which explains her plug of the beer brand in lieu of Carrie’s signature Cosmos. Still, no Big and a beer in hand does not sound like the Carrie Bradshaw that Sex and the City fans knew for six seasons and two movies.