Donald Trump Criticizes Democrats As ‘Party Of Late Term Abortion, High Taxes, Open Borders And Crime’

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On Thursday morning, Donald Trump unleashed a stream of tweets regarding a number of hot-topic issues. The president sent out a series of tweets discussing trade, tariffs, drugs, and the border wall — but the biggest target of his ire was the Democratic Party.

“Democrats are becoming the Party of late term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders and Crime,” Trump wrote on Thursday at the end of a lengthy series of tweets. This statement followed Trump accusing Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee of “wasting their time,” saying that Democrats will never agree to improved border security.

Democrats have repeatedly stated that they would be willing to work with the president on border security. In fact, they have suggested additional funding for technology and resources to improve border security and provide border guards with the resources they need to effectively do their job. However, they have categorically refused to fund Trump’s border wall with Mexico — a sore spot Trump isn’t going to forget any time soon.

Trump then went on to insist that the wall is being built between the United States and Mexico at this time. In an earlier tweet, he stated he was no longer playing political games and would refer to walls as such. This is likely in response to his attempts to get people to call the structure a “barrier” instead. In numerous tweets, Trump said the wall has already been built in some places, with others ready to go at any moment.

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“I don’t expect much help,” the president wrote, referring to the growing lack of support for his border wall. Public polls have revealed time and again that more and more Americans are opposed to building a border wall between Mexico and the United States — particularly if fighting over the subject leads to yet another government shutdown.

Trump did not elaborate on how or where specifically the wall is being built — especially without a budget approved by Congress. Meetings on the wall in particular, and border security in general, have been ongoing since the government re-opened. However, the deal only lasts until February 15; should some sort of agreement not be reached by then, the partial government shutdown could resume. With 800,000 federal employees still dealing with the prior record-breaking 35-day shutdown, another government closing could prove disastrous.

Trump has previously stated he would be fine with a second government shutdown, so long as his wall gets built. He has refused to compromise on the subject and insists the wall is the only way to protect our southern border. Democrats have said they will continue to work with the president toward a long-term solution, provided it does not include a wall.