‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Is Unrecognizable In Throwback Photo From ‘Ugly Duckling’ High School Days

Craig SjodinABC

Colton Underwood says there’s nothing like confidence—and a good tailor to go with it. The hunky 27-year-old Bachelor star posted an amazing throwback to social media that trumps any 10-year challenge pic yet.

On Wednesday, The Bachelor star took to Instagram to share a side-by-side throwback photo of himself from what appears to be a high school formal next to a photo of him posing in a suit jacket today. In the throwback, Colton is drowning in an oversized white suit as he awkwardly stands between two guys in black tuxes. The more recent snap shows a cool and confident Colton rocking a perfectly tailored gray suit jacket and jeans, and crediting the confidence and fashion sense he developed through the years for the changes.

Many fans took to the comments section to compliment The Bachelor star on his glow up, while others told Colton he was “cute” back in the day and “handsome” as a grown man.

“How did the person that rented this to you, allow you to leave the shop?” one fan asked about the throwback snap. “That jacket WOW lol. This is like the duck to swan story!”

You can see Colton Underwood’s throwback photo below.

Underwood has been vocal about his transformation from gawky teen to hunky dreamboat. On The Bachelor premiere earlier this month, the former NFL star described himself as a “fat, chunky, awkward, weird kid” who never had girlfriends. Colton explained that he didn’t have any confidence in himself until he reached his later years in high school and realized he had a talent for football.

More recently, Underwood told the LadyGang podcast that he was called the “ugly duckling” in high school and that he didn’t transform into a good-looking guy until the end of his senior year at Washington Community High School in Washington, Illinois.

“I had curly hair, braces, pimples, you talk about going through puberty and the worst things that go with it, I had it, for sure,” Underwood said. “And then I had a bottom retainer so my lisp was really bad.”

Not only did Underwood find himself a good tailor over the past few years, but he has knocked out that acne problem, too. The Bachelor franchise’s longtime makeup artist Gina Modica told PopSugar that the ABC hunk is very dedicated to his seven-step skincare routine, which consists of $575 worth of product.

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.