Hilaria Baldwin Shares The Difficult Side Of Being A Mommy In Latest Instagram Posts

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for Turner

While it may seem like Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have the most well-behaved and happy children based on the majority of their social media posts, their four kids do have some bad days every once in a while — and, sometimes, they are all grumpy on the exact same day. Such was the case on Wednesday, January 30, when the doting mother took her kids to the park.

The Baldwin family is currently in California as Alec was a presenter at this past Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since the weather in Cali is so much nicer than what they have been experiencing back home in New York City, Hilaria thought the children would enjoy spending some time outside in the fresh air. However, getting them to the park turned out to be an adventure in its own right.

The 35-year-old yoga instructor shared a photo on Instagram taken by the kids’ nanny in which she is sitting on the cement near the park’s entrance, holding on to three crying children.

In the caption, Hilaria explained that 5-year-old Carmen, 3-year-old Rafael, and 2-year-old Leonardo were “fighting about who was gonna hold hands.”

She said that she can usually cheer her daughter and sons up by acting silly, but this time “just sat down as they all continued to scream.”

“Thank goodness I have a sense of humor, I mean… it was so extreme that you just have to laugh.”

Hilaria then pointed out that as she was uploading the photo, the children were all doing fine, playing a game of “mommy and baby and cousin.”

To prove that their moods changed for the better, she shared snapshots of the happy kids playing in the pristine park in her Instagram Story.

Unfortunately, the drama wasn’t over. In Hilaria’s next Instagram post, she said that “the kids had another meltdown” while out. But instead of sitting on the ground, this time she sat in the stroller and “convinced Carmen to push” her, which she said was a “#MomWin.”

Hopefully, 8-month-old Romeo, who seemed to have steered clear of all the hysterics, didn’t mind sharing his ride with his mom.

Despite days like this, Hilaria has said that she and Alec, who have been married for six years, might not be done having children.

Page Six reported that during a Q&A on Instagram this past October, she said that she thinks about adding to their brood “a lot.”

“When I’ll have a day that’s really, really hard with the kids, I’m like, ‘No more kids!’ And then I’ll have a day where they’re, like, really cute like this, and I’m like, ‘I could have another one.'”