Who Is Walmart Heiress Ann Walton Kroenke?

Ann Walton Kroenke is married to Los Angeles Rams owner — and billionaire real estate magnate — Stan Kroenke. But Ann is a billionaire in her own right. If her maiden name didn’t already clue you in, Ann is the daughter of Bud Walton, one of Walmart’s founders. Forbes reports that she is worth $6.5 million, which is just a fraction less than the wealth purportedly held by New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft. When her father died in the mid-1990s, she inherited a lucrative stake in the retail giant. She is 70 years old.

She may be extremely wealthy, but Ann Kroenke doesn’t seem to be involved in the company at all. According to Forbes, she’s a registered nurse. Kroenke is not on Walmart’s board — and does not work as an executive.

Ann and Stan Kroenke don’t just own the Rams, they’re also the owners of the Colorado Rapids, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Avalanche. They even have a large stake in the Arsenal Football Club in the United Kingdom.

Wealth-X reports that the high-powered couple met each other during a ski trip in Colorado, in the early 1970s. They married each a couple of years later, in 1974.

While Ann Kroenke does not work for the Walmart company, she serves as the Vice President on the Audrey J. Walton and Ann Walton Kroenke Charitable Foundation. According to Wealth-X, the foundation makes donations to causes like healthcare and education. There’s another example of her philanthropy. Forbes notes that after Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas and Louisiana, the Kroenkes made a $1 million donation to the Red Cross.

Charitable donations aside, Stan and Ann Kroenke live a luxurious lifestyle.

According to Super Yacht Fan, the couple owns a 281-foot yacht named the Aquila. It is reportedly the largest private luxury yacht constructed in the United States since the 1930s. They purchased it in December of 2014, and the price was approximately $150 million.

The couple also owns a mansion in Aspen, Colorado, where they met each other years ago. Aspen Journalism reports that it was the priciest residential buy in the area in 2011.

Forbes reports that the home is called the Red Mountain Retreat — and that it’s almost 11,000 square feet. The home is also reportedly outfitted with a resistance pool, and a wine cellar that can hold 1,600 bottles.

The Kroenkes’ main home is located in Columbia, Missouri. It features a a swimming pool with a “colonnaded pavilion,” six full baths, and five bedrooms. Even though it’s located on more than 80 acres of land, Forbes estimates that the home is valued at $2.5 million.