‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: The Rabbit Continues To Confuse Judges, But Fans Believe They Know Who It Is

Michael BeckerFOX

The Masked Singer has everyone going crazy trying to figure out who the stars behind the costumes are and debating others about which celebrities are on stage singing hit songs, and this week was no different with a confusing clue package from the rabbit.

According to Entertainment Tonight, The Masked Singer has been captivating fans with the mystery about which stars are behind the elaborate costumes. This week, the rabbit took the stage again, and the judges are more confused than ever about who may be performing in front of them.

The rabbit wowed the judges with his rendition of the R&B hit song “Poison.” The panel loved the performance and praised the singer for his stage presence and fun energy. Nicole Scherzinger even revealed that the rabbit was her favorite performer on the show.

However, the latest clues about the rabbit, such as the fact that he’s a “trickster,” and using terms like “chew on this,” while standing near a sign featuring the city of Brooklyn have the judges thrown off.

In addition, the rabbit had another major clue revealed when a prop was wheeled out on stage to reveal a magic kit. The singer revealed that doing magic tricks was just another way that he liked to entertain people.

Of course, the question about him being a magician was raised by Scherzinger, as well as the thought that he may be a chef, but Jenny McCarthy claimed that he is definitely a former boy band member.

Fans of The Masked Singer have been guessing that the rabbit is ‘NSYNC member, Joey Fatone, for weeks now, and it seems they’re still on that same line of thinking.

Joey is a former boy band member who not only hosts a cooking show but also owns his own hot dog and Italian ice shop in Orlando, Florida. He is also originally from Brooklyn and loves to joke around. He’s even close friend with the guys from the hilarious prank show, Impractical Jokers, and has made multiple appearances on the series.

In addition, Fatone has also dabbled in magic, and fans immediately began to dig up some old clips of him doing tricks in old YouTube videos, further proving their hypothesis that Joey is the man behind the rabbit mask.

However, Joey’s former ‘NSYNC member, JC Chasez is still high on the list of suspects as well.

Fans can watch more of the rabbit when The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on FOX.