A Mysterious Stalker Keeps Leaving Urine-Soaked Bologna Sandwiches On Doorsteps In New Mexico, Police Say


A New Mexico neighborhood has a stalker who keeps making unwanted deliveries to their doorsteps — bologna sandwiches covered in urine.

Sharisha Morrison reported to police that an unknown man has been dropping off the tainted sandwiches on the doorstep of her Albuquerque home, Fox News reported. Morrison said the first delivery came on New Year’s Day, and the man has returned a number of times since then to ring the doorbell and leave the sandwich.

“He’ll just walk up and drop it on the little doorknob right here, and then walk away,” Morrison told KOB. “That’s all he does, every single time.”

The report included a doorbell surveillance video of the man, who was wearing a heavy blue coat and appeared to be older.

Morrison said that she first thought someone might be leaving her the sandwich as a strange gift, but said she could soon smell that it was covered in urine.

Others in the neighborhood have reported getting the urine-soaked bologna sandwiches, and Morrison said one neighbor is even moving out of their home because they “are tired of it.” Morrison also said that she is afraid that the man could escalate his behavior.

“I just want it to stop because I have my baby, you know, and I don’t want some random guy just creeping around my apartment,” she told KOB.

The strange story has garnered some national attention, with news outlets across the country picking up on it. Some, like Vice, commented on the bizarre nature of the alleged crime and made some cracks about his choice of lunch meat.

“It’s unclear why this freaky-a** stranger keeps making his nightly deliveries, or where, exactly, he’s getting ahold of so much god***n bologna to begin with, but come on, buddy. For the love of all that is holy, please stop. No one wants your mystery bologna reeking of pee. At least have the decency to leave this woman some ham, or a few slices of salami or whatever. There are so, so, so many better meats out there.”

Others took to social media to spread pictures of the alleged culprit, whose face could be seen clearly in the photo distributed by police.

Police told Sharisha Morrison there is not much they can do unless she catches the stalker in the act of delivering the urine-covered bologna sandwich, but did say they would increase patrols in her neighborhood.