Paulina Porizkova Goes Topless In String Thong Bikini At 53-Years-Old For ‘SI’

Craig BarrittGetty Images

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova is making a huge return to Sports Illustrated, and both the publication and the model are obviously very excited about it. She announced her inclusion in the upcoming SI Swimsuit Edition, mentioning that she was brought on so the model range is inclusive, not only of the way people look, but also of age.

In a short video clip on Instagram, the model showed off her bare derriere in a thong bikini bottom as she posed topless. She censored her curves with her right hand, as she held a large straw sun hat with her left hand.

Paulina looks very young in the clip, it’s amazing to think that she is 53-years-old. SI shared another video with their fans, which was of her posing against a tree-filled backdrop in a long-sleeved bodysuit. The model showed off her professional posing skills, as someone used a hand dryer to blow wind on her hair.

Prior to the announcement about SI, Porizkova shared a selfie from a rainy day, as she sported a black hooded sweater and held a red umbrella in her hand.

And if fans were wondering how she looks so good, her second-newest post gives people a clue. The video showed her doing some workout routines, and recommended pilates for her fans.

A few years ago, an interviewer for Yahoo commented on how young the model looked, and to that, she responded, “You know, you’re really sweet for saying it, but it’s funny because for me it’s always a comparison of what it used to be and what it is. The thing that ages the worst is a beautiful woman’s ego.”

Plus, the model explained her stance on plastic surgery, because she was previously misunderstood to have said she’s against plastic surgery in an article by the Huffington Post.

“It’s funny because I never actually said I was against plastic surgery. I’m against all of us looking homogenous, where there’s only one kind of a template of a person. That, I’m really against. That really, like, pisses me off. Why can’t there be a little more variety in beauty? And as people do age and start messing with the injectables…”

Whatever the case, Porizkova is making a splash in the SI pages. The magazine typically comes out in February, but 2019’s is expected to be released later in May. Fans are hoping the wait is worth it, as the sneak peeks point to an exciting issue.