WWE News: Rey Mysterio Visits Eddie Guerrero’s Grave For The First Time Ever, And The Pic Is Heartbreaking


More than 13 years ago, the world lost one of the most popular and talented wrestlers of all time in Eddie Guerrero. Fans and the entire professional wrestling world were shocked at the news that came out on November 13, 2005, and it’s still hard to believe that he’s gone. One of his closest friends in and out of WWE was Rey Mysterio, and after all this time, the 6-1-9 superstar visited his grave.

Eddie Guerrero had wrestled around the entire world and he wasn’t necessarily the look of what a world champion was expected at that time. Still, he was extremely talented, very popular with the fans, and could do virtually anything he wanted in the world of professional wrestling.

That mid-November morning, news started making the rounds on the internet that Guerrero had been found unconscious in his hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Upon arriving on the scene, paramedics were already too late as Eddie G. had already passed away.

The former WWE World Champion was only 38-years-old when he died and his cause of death was revealed as acute heart failure due to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. All around the world, he was mourned by friends, family, and fans, but even more than a decade later, it has not stopped.

Obviously, it is harder on those that actually knew him, and Rey Mysterio was one of the closest people to Eddie in the world.

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Always had a hard time wanting to visit Eddie & found myself cowardly refusing it due to the pain & memories from that day.........Finally this past Monday, after 13yrs, I had the courage to visit him and have a one on one moment with him.... & .......exactly what I feared of happening, happened. Memories from that day were flashing through my head but his presence was much stronger and was able to cope and maintain my composure. After my conversation & connection with him I left with a Huge internal Smile and felt a soothing & peaceful ♥️! Eddie has been such an inspiration not only to me but to many & will always continue to do so. I witnessed that day, that future wrestlers who never had the opportunity to meet him took the time to stop by and pay their respects wishing they would of had the honor and privilege to have met him & been around him like many of us did! I truly miss you WeeWeeto! #YouWill4EverLiveInOur????’s #WeLoveYou

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On Wednesday afternoon, Rey Mysterio posted on his official Instagram account, and it is a picture that is quite somber and sad, but also uplifting. The image shows an unmasked Rey Mysterio standing at the grave of Eddie Guerrero and looking down at the final resting place of his great friend.

The image was taken on Monday, and interestingly enough, it was the very first time that Mysterio had visited the grave of the former WWE superstar. Mysterio said he had never worked up the courage to go and visit him, but the time had finally come.

Mysterio spoke of memories flooding back from the day that he learned of his friend’s passing, and he also took time to speak with Eddie. After 13 years, the time had finally come and the current SmackDown Live superstar felt peace inside of him.

Over the years, many WWF/WWE superstars have passed away and a lot of them far too early in their lives. Eddie Guerrero was truly one of the greats and an iconic legend who will long be remembered by his co-workers and his fans. Rey Mysterio may have taken a long time to visit the grave of the former world champion, but there is no doubt that his friend understood.