Rob Gronkowski's Brothers, Chris & Dan, Play In The NFL, Too

Some families boast smart cookies, others have kids with musical inclinations. But for the Gronkowski family, all five boys became elite athletes and four of the five have played professional football. The fifth brother played professional baseball.

Rob Gronkowski and his siblings all attended Williamsville North High School where he played tight end and earned numerous honors. In his senior year, he moved to Pennsylvania and attended Woodland Hills High School where he earned even more impressive accolades, according to the siblings' biographies featured on their website

The fourth in line among his brothers, Rob Gronkowski, played as a freshman at the University of Arizona and his reception average was the best on the team. He went on to earn even more awards in college and was drafted by the New England Patriots in the second round, going 42nd overall, in the 2010 NFL draft. This is his third Super Bowl.

The second brother in line, Dan Gronkowski, played football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey in high school, setting school records at the same high school as his brothers. He played football at the University of Maryland, receiving both athletic and academic awards while there. He was pursuing his master's in business when he was drafted to play professional football with the Detroit Lions.

Chris Gronkowski played football and baseball in high school, setting records just like his siblings. He was recruited by the University of Maryland as a fullback, following in his brother Dan's footsteps. He possessed the highest strength index on the team and was considered to be among the best running backs. He later transferred to the University of Arizona, Rob's school, and played linebacker there. He switched back to the fullback position and received several honors while there.

In 2010, Chris Gronkowski signed with the Cowboys, starting that same year against the Chicago Bears. The following year, he caught the attention of the Indianapolis Colts, then in 2012 was traded to the Denver Broncos, then bounced to the San Diego Charges where his career ended due to an injury.

Glenn Gronkowski also set several high school records in football, earning him a few awards. He played football at Kansas State, earning several academic and athletic accolades there. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills as a fullback then signed with the Patriots practice squad and was part of the team's fifth Super Bowl win in Texas.

When the three older brothers played pro football at the same time and Glenn Gronkowski was at Kansas State, the trio participated in an interview with ESPN's SportsNation where Dan Gronkowski said he couldn't wait to play his brothers.

"It's amazing. It's a dream come true. We're still waiting on our fifth brother, fourth football player to go to KState next year. I'm looking forward to playing my brothers this year," he said.

Chris Gronkowski shared how it was a blast playing football with his brothers during their younger years, too.

"We didn't all play on the same team at once, but I did play with Dan when I was a sophomore in high school and with Rob when I was a senior. I also played with Dan at Maryland. It was real cool to be out on the field with each other and get a big block and tell him how sweet it was," he said.

The oldest of the brothers, Gordie Gronkowski Jr., played baseball at Jacksonville University and earned All-American honors. He set several school records in college and was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in 2006. He played in the minor leagues for six years.