‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ Spoilers: Jonitta Gets Violent Towards Gabi, Mike & Alex Kiss

Cindy OrdGetty Images

It’s the fourth episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and things are starting to get more dramatic than ever. In the third episode, we saw the cast become uneasy by the entrance of a new VIP host, Alex, who seems to be a natural at his job. Not to mention that Mike knows Alex from back home, and from the beginning it’s obvious the two like each other to some extent. The only problem is that Alex has a boyfriend, who Heavy reports is Johnny Schell Jr. Their relationship has lasted about three years. While most of the drama from the fourth episode centered on the physical altercation between Gabi and Jonitta, fans didn’t know what to think when Mike and Alex kissed. The show called it “sexually frustrated Mike and Alex give in to temptation.”

On the other hand, the cat fight started brewing when Gabi greeted Jonitta and her date while they were all out. Instead of saying hi to Jonitta first, Gabi kissed her date on the cheeks, which pushed Jonitta’s buttons, as she noted, “That’s not how you greet your roommate’s date. You don’t greet you roommate’s date at all!” Of course, TooFab also took into account that tensions were already high between the two women, as Jonitta has complained about Gabi’s personality before.

Later on when everyone was home, Jonitta and Gabi started arguing about what happened, as she eventually shouted at Gabi, “Next time I invite a guy out, don’t be so thirsty to run up to him.” In turn, Gabi defended herself saying, “I do not want to f**k your man! If you want to be upset I said hi to somebody, that’s on you.”

On her way out of the room, Gabi touched Jonitta on the leg. Jonitta warned Gabi not to touch her again, and then when she did, Jonitta sprung into action and got violent. Described as a “smack in the head” or “karate chop,” it’s something that Jonitta has come to regret.

“My biggest regret would definitely be the physical altercation that I got into. Just because I wanted to prove a point that going in and having grown up in a life of struggle, you can overcome that. I earned my stereotype badge, people that are raised on survival see things differently than people who are raised on love.”

Us Weekly called it a “big smack in the face/reality check,” but the reality check seems to have been more for Jonitta than Gabi.

At the end of the show, Panos watches the video in disbelief, as he brings Lindsay up to speed. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out if Jonitta gets to keep her job, or if she’ll be fired.