Disney Being Sued By Guest Who Says A Motorized Scooter Hit Her At Epcot

Danny Cox

It isn’t too surprising when an entity as big as The Walt Disney Company is met with a lawsuit considering how many people frequent their parks daily. When it comes to accessibility, Disney has worked diligently over the last few years to make it easy to get around all of their parks for everyone. Now, there is one female guest who feels as if things are not being done safely as she is suing Disney for being struck by a motorized scooter at Epcot.

Motorized scooters, also known as ECVs, are visible in numerous places around Walt Disney World as many guests need them. They are available for rent from outside companies and the parks themselves while some guests bring their own from home.

Maneuvering the scooters in and out of the large crowds can be quite difficult at times, and it could lead to accidents. That is exactly the situation that Disney is currently in as the Orlando Sentinel is reporting a lawsuit has been brought against them for that very reason.

A woman named Dee Ann Glover filed a lawsuit in Orange Circuit Court on Monday which is seeking more than $15,000 in damages from Disney. The guest claims a motorized scooter knocked her to the ground at Epcot last year and she may need additional surgery to correct some injuries.

Epcot's display for their Festival of the Arts
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The 59-year-old Glover is an annual passholder to Walt Disney World and visits the parks often, but she had never experienced anything like this.

In the lawsuit, Glover claims she did not see the motorized scooter coming at her and was hit from behind. The collision knocked her to the ground which led to her having one surgery which placed a steel rod into her hip.

Trenton Swan, Glover’s attorney, states that there could be the need for another surgery in the future, which would be for hip replacement.

The lawsuit names Disney in it as Glover believes the company was negligent since there are no designated lanes for scooters to ride in and be separated from walking visitors. Also, the drivers of the ECVs do not receive any type of safety instructions for operating them.

A spokeswoman for Disney says they will respond in court, but this situation is between the two guests.

“This lawsuit centers on an incident between two guests. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our cast members and guests, and we will respond to the allegations as appropriate in court.”

The lawsuit brought against Disney for the woman injured by a motorized scooter at Epcot is in place, and Dee Ann Glover is following through with it. Disney is prepared to answer any allegations as needed, but the guest feels as if this is something that should have been fixed a long time ago.