Royal Family ‘Secrets’ Spilled Thanks To Handwriting Expert’s Findings

Stephen PondGetty Images

The royal family may try valiantly to manage their public images, but for centuries it’s been believed that your handwriting can reveal who you truly are. And as Hello! magazine reports, a handwriting expert has taken a look at the penmanship of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Prince William — and has revealed some secrets about them that you may not have known.

Handwriting? What?

Of course, you may be thinking, “Who writes things with pen and paper these days? Why not just use email?” And while Kensington Palace undoubtedly makes use of all of the modern communications conveniences, the ruling family is ancient and august, and handwritten correspondence still plays a role in day-to-day life at Buckingham Palace.

Expert Emma Bache, graphologist and author of Reading between the Lines, took a look at some handwritten notes from the family — and here’s what she found.

Prince Harry

The duke of Sussex’s handwriting consists of short strokes shoved tightly together, which purportedly betrays two things about him: that he likes his space and that he was mischievous when he was younger. That second part is well-documented and beyond question, the first part we will have to leave unknown.

Bache also notes that Harry’s underlining of his name with a horizontal stroke is a sign of confidence in himself.

Meghan Markle

By comparison to her husband, the duchess of Sussex’s handwriting — as you can see in the tweet above — is downright gorgeous. Meghan’s writing features curved strokes and near-perfect slanting. Bache says that’s a sign that she relishes being the center of attention.

“This is a woman who is used to being in the spotlight. These strokes that go over covering the words, that’s self-protection; she’s going to react to criticism.”

Kate Middleton

The duchess of Cambridge, like her sister-in-law, has outstanding penmanship.

Bache says that her handwriting is befitting of the future queen.

“She knows her own mind, has a healthy ego and feels absolutely no need to put on airs and graces. Catherine is not going to rock the boat, ever.”

Prince William

Unlike his wife, brother, and sister-in-law, William’s handwritten correspondence will, decades from now, be carefully archived by the British government. It may one day be archived in public museums for posterity. So how does it stack up, considering it belongs to a future king?

As it turns out, his narrow letters and wide spaces between words betray a lack of confidence, according to the expert. Bache elaborates on her assessment of William’s words.

“We can see that he is quite shy in reality and would not normally choose to push himself forward or hog the limelight. The wide spaces between his words show his need for some independence and privacy.”