Rosie O’Donnell Gushes Over Being A Grandmother: ‘It’s Like Having A Baby Times A Million’

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Rosie O’Donnell is loving her new role as grandmother.

Yesterday, the comedienne appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers where she talked about a number of topics with the late-night host. But during the interview, the thing that O’Donnell was most proud of was the fact that her daughter Chelsea and her boyfriend Jacob Bourassa recently gave birth to a baby girl named Skylar Rose, making Rosie a grandma for the very first time.

“It was something really beautiful. It’s very trite, but it’s what everyone says — when you’re a grandparent, it’s like [having] a baby times a million. And that’s what it felt like.”

But the day of Skylar’s birth was bittersweet, to say the least. The baby girl made her debut on December 18, which happened to be the same exact day that O’Donnell’s good friend and fellow actress, Penny Marshall, passed away. Rosie told Meyers that this really made her think about life as a whole.

“It reminded me about the whole circle of life, and to remember every great thing that I had with her and that she really did give me a film career,” Rosie told Meyers. “I’ll be eternally grateful.”

Late last year, the Inquisitr shared that O’Donnell took to her Twitter page to share a few photos of Skylar Rose shortly after her birth. The first photo that was posted to O’Donnell’s social media account shows an up-close image of the baby at the hospital. The newborn is wearing a white onesie with hearts all over it and a little pink cap in the photo. On this particular image, Rosie’s caption simply read “joy,” and it was easy to see how filled with love Rosie was.

The next image posted to her account shows O’Donnell holding the little bundle of joy as she smiles for the camera. The comedienne was dressed-down for the occasion, going makeup free and wearing clear eyeglasses as well as a black hoodie. In the caption of the photo, she referred to herself as “nana” and uses the hashtag “big love.”

A few months before the birth of Skylar, Rosie surprised fans on The Talk by sharing that she and her estranged daughter, Chelsea Belle, had repaired their relationship after it was strained for years. As the Inquisitr reported, the mother of five opened up about her relationship with Chelsea, who left the family’s home back in 2015. Rosie shared that the two went through some rough times and it was very public, but they were able to come to their senses eventually and work things out.

“When somebody does something unforgivable to you and you can forgive them and they can forgive you, there’s a kind of grace that descends upon the both of you, within that,” Rosie shared.

Congrats again to Grandma Rosie.