Top 10 Hottest Photos From Brandin Cooks’ Wife Briannon

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Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks is angling for a Super Bowl win this year, and his family will be rooting for him every step of the way through the big game. Brandin’s wife Briannon has become a familiar face to those who follow Cooks, and this gorgeous NFL wife has built something of a fan following of her own as well.

Brandin and Briannon met while they were in college at Oregon State. The two got engaged while in Hawaii in June 2017 and tied the knot last summer. The Rams notes that the Cooks got married in a backyard celebration at their place in Portland, Oregon, and their wedding happened to take place the same day as teammate Robert Woods’ big day as he married his bride Alexandra in California.

Briannon, whose maiden name was Lepman, was born and raised in Oregon. Heavy notes that she was a sorority girl and cheerleader during her time at Oregon State, and she was with Brandin when he was first drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2014.

Brandin was traded to the New England Patriots in 2017 and Briannon moved to Massachusetts with him at that point. Brandin, nicknamed “The Archer,” and Briannon, nicknamed “Lady Archer,” then needed to shift gears again when Cooks was traded to the Los Angeles Rams in April 2018. Last July, Brandin signed a five-year, $81 million extension with the Rams, and it looks like they may be staying put now for a while.

Briannon has a blog titled A Bruitiful Life, and she describes herself as a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, and follower of Christ. The Cooks do not have any children at this point, but they do have three gorgeous dogs. Briannon is a photographer and often shares posts on her blog about beauty, fitness, and cooking.

While Brandin and Briannon have had to move around a bit with his NFL career, Realtor shared a couple of years ago that they had purchased a gorgeous home in Oregon. The Cooks purchased the place for $2.85 million, and it’s a stunning home with a saltwater pool, fire pit, home theater, chef’s kitchen, and resort-style master bedroom.

Last year, Briannon shared that she had taken up boxing as a way to relieve stress as she supported Brandin during the playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl.

Cooks obviously lives a healthy life, and she has blogged about being vegan and making various recipes that support her preferred style of eating.

Throughout their relationship, Brandin and Briannon have taken numerous trips and they definitely love vacation spots that keep them near the water.

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Briannon’s Instagram posts show that she’s been passionate about being active for many years now, whether it be with her hubby, extended family, or friends.

Fans of the Cooks will surely be anxious to see when and if they decide to expand their family. For now, however, the couple seems content with their dogs and the pups are definitely key members of the family.

This NFL wife makes it clear that she isn’t necessarily a stereotypical sports wife. She loves Harry Potter, is open about her faith, and is definitely still an Oregon girl at heart.

Los Angeles Rams fans will surely spot Briannon Cooks rooting for her hubby Brandin throughout Sunday night’s Super Bowl. She may be filled with nerves heading into the big game, but she seems to have plenty of strategies in place for keeping the stress at a minimum and enjoying the experience.