100,000 Pistols Will Be Issued To Police In Egypt

Police in Egypt will reportedly receive around 100,000 pistols in an effort to satisfy demands of protesters and to curb violence in the area.

After complaining about a lack of proper equipment, the interior ministry will supply the Egyptian police force with 100,000 new 9mm pistols. According to the AFP, officers feel they are unprepared to handle the increase in crime since Hosni Mubarak’s departure two years ago.

Many officers also feel they have subjected to poor working conditions by their superiors. In an effort to force the government to make improvements, several officers have gone on strike.

Daily News Egypt reports that “unstable security conditions” have prompted the interior ministry to issue 100,000 new firearms to police. Recent demonstrations in the area coupled with an increase in violent crime are believed to be factors in the recent decision.

In addition to the new weaponry, Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim reportedly agreed to a total of 19 demands made by protestors. Included in the agreement were improvements to healthcare and the addition of residential units, hospitals, and clubs for police and their families.

According to Reuters, some high-ranking law enforcement officials haven’t been impressed with how Ibrahim does business.

An anonymous police major told the news organization that he felt police were often forced into political situations where they had to confront protesters. The major said this “ends up stoking hatred between the ministry and the people.”

He explained:

“Ibrahim is not neutral and has given orders to police to guard the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood. He does not work to represent the interests of his personnel.”

The Associated Press reports that not everyone feels the addition of new weaponry is a cause for celebration. Many civil rights groups believe Egyptian police often employ excessive force without consequence.

How do you feel about the Egyptian government supplying 100,000 new pistols to its police force?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]