Mother Of Leaving Neverland’s Wade Robson Says He Denied Being Molested By Michael Jackson For Years

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The mother of Wade Robson, whose shocking claims of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson were featured in the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, has reportedly been telling friends that her son repeatedly denied that he was ever molested by the pop star.

According to the Daily Mail, Joy Robson repeatedly questioned her son over the claims in private and says that he denied anything happened “time and time again.”

A source close to the Robson family told the Daily Mail‘s online TV channel, “For years she had kept asking Wade whether any of it was true and he was always insistent nothing happened, he was adamant. She had asked him time and time again. Even after Michael died in 2009, Wade stuck to his story.”

The source went on to say that Joy Robson even once spent the night together with Michael Jackson and her son at his Neverland Ranch and felt that the arrangements were completely innocent.

“Joy trusted Michael implicitly with her son and on one occasion she spent the night at Neverland herself and she, Wade and Michael shared a bed and watched movies and had milk and cookies,” the source said.

“It was kind of a slumber party vibe under a duvet and in her mind, completely innocent. She was convinced Wade was safe with Michael, viewing him as an uncle-figure.”

Wade Robson at a Michael Jackson court case
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However, in 2013, after a period in therapy, Wade finally confessed to his family that Jackson had been abusing him. It was these claims which were at the center of the Leaving Neverland documentary.

The Daily Mail source said, “When Wade finally came clean and told his family he was abused by Michael Jackson for years, his mom Joy was as shocked as anyone.”

This is hardly a surprise. Joy had been prominent in defending the singer against the various allegations leveled against him over the years. She was a character witness for Michael Jackson during his 2005 trial and even contributed to a book penned by Jackson’s brother Jermaine in defense of his famous sibling.

The Jackson Estate has responded to the claims made by Wade Robson in Leaving Neverland by claiming that Robson was bitter after being turned down for a job on the Michael Jackson ONE – Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas. They also claim he tried to secure a book deal about his abuse allegations shortly afterward.

They claim that it was only after publishers turned him down that he decided to sue the Jackson Estate in 2013. The case was thrown out and in 2015, a court ruled that Robson had filed the case too late. It didn’t make any judgment on the allegations he made.

Lawyers for Wade Robson dispute the Jackson Estate’s account of these events.