Andy Murray’s Penis Visible In X-Ray He Shared On Instagram

Julian FinneyGetty Images

Today, tennis star Andy Murray possibly became the celebrity king of oversharing when he posted a photo of his pelvic area on Instagram revealing some personal details. His post seems to indicate that Murray didn’t realize that his genitals were exposed, and was most concerned that it looked like he had a gut.

Digital Spy says that Murray posted two photos on Instagram of his hip surgery recovery, including one in his hospital bed and one of just his x-ray which shows the hip resurfacing procedure he underwent in London to try and end his chronic pain.

“I underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in London yesterday morning…feeling a bit battered and bruised just now but hopefully that will be the end of my hip pain I, now have a metal hip as you can see in the 2nd photo and I look like I’ve got a bit of a gut in photo 1.”

Many fans wished the Grand Slam winner well, while others pointed out what is called the Throckmorton sign on scan, better known as the patient’s penis.

The most tasteful way to put it would be to say that Mr. Murray has likely never seen so many eggplant emojis on his Instagram page.

Between Instagram and Twitter, fans had some serious fun ribbing the tennis great about how overexposed his x-ray was, reported the Daily Mail.

“Wonder if anyone realized you could see @andy_murray twig and giggle berries on the hip replacement x ray. anyway, andy murrary wish you a speedy recovery.”

But others wanted to give Murray a heads-up so that in the future he watches what he posts on social media.

“Hey, @andy_murray x rays don’t just show bone, my friend. No pun intended. please rethink your insta post.”

Earlier this month, Murray found himself out in the first round of the Australian Open after suffering excruciating hip pain throughout his match. He explained that he was hoping he could put off the partial hip replacement for a few more months, but the time seemed to be right now due to his pain level.

In the resurfacing procedure, a metal cup is placed over the femoral head so that there are no longer rough spots in the ball and socket joint.

Murray had planned to say goodbye to the sport and retire after Wimbledon, but his plans are now unclear based on the amount of recovery time from this surgery.