Chicago Will Be Colder Than Antarctica This Week As Frigid Polar Vortex Moves In

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Chicago is bracing for a blast of frigid cold that will turn the Windy City into the Wintry City, bringing temperatures lower than Antarctica.

The midwest is in the crosshairs of the polar vortex, bringing frozen temperatures from near the Arctic and sweeping across the United States. As CNN reported, the cold is expected to shatter records as it moves eastward.

“The coldest air in a generation is sinking south, with below-zero temperatures already in the Upper Midwest,” CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said Tuesday. “And the worst yet to come,” he added.

The report noted that the cold has already been blamed for three deaths and more than 2,000 canceled flights for Tuesday and Wednesday, including more than 1,000 in Chicago alone. The delays and cancellations are expected to continue later in the week as sub-zero temperatures persist.

By Thursday morning, the temperature in Chicago is expected to reach 27 degrees below zero, making it colder than temperatures in parts of Antarctica, where it will be in the single digits. The city of Chicago is already warning travelers to be prepared for snow-covered roads and slow travel. The city also took to Twitter to warn of “possibly record-setting cold air mass will bring dangerous & potentially life-threatening temps & wind chills Tuesday night through early Thursday.”

As the Daily Mail reported, other parts of the midwest may have it worse than Chicago. The report noted that forecasters are predicting colder temperatures further north, including the potential of reaching 50 degrees below zero in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Other states are warning residents as well, CNN noted, including Michigan’s governor who told residents that temperatures will drop to depths not seen in many years.

“Such widespread, extreme conditions have not occurred in Michigan for many years, and it is imperative that we are proactive with record-low temperatures being predicted by the National Weather Service,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer said.

Wisconsin’s governor has also vowed to funnel state resources toward combating the wintry blast of frigid air.

The polar vortex has made dips into the midwest in past years as well, including long stretches of 2014, but the temperatures predicted for the coming week are expected to be among the lowest these areas have seen in many years.

It is not just the midwest that will feel the wrath of the polar vortex, the CNN report noted. An estimated 83 million Americans are expected to feel sub-zero temperatures at some point in the next week as the frigid air lingers over the northern third of the country.