Buttheads, A Toy Whose Head Is A Butt, Is The Hot Toy On The Market

Chris WeeksGetty Images

While the children’s toy market in recent years has been filled with gimmicks that perform simulated bodily functions, a new toy is instead focused on something else: butts.

Buttheads, a toy from Wowwee, has hit the toy market in a big way in recent weeks. According to toy industry website Toybook, Buttheads are described as “a series of 4-inch fart prank novelty figures.”

Yes, they pass gas. And the way to get them to do it is, you guessed it, by pulling their fingers.

The toys arrive with four original characters, per the website: Tushi (Master of the Martial Farts), Robutt (Artificial Inflatulence), The Grim Ripper (Silent But Deadly), and Brainfart (The Farting Dead).

Wowwee, the Hong Kong-based parent company of Buttheads, also makes Fingerlings and the Untamed line of dinosaur toys. Last Friday, the company’s official Facebook page invited users to celebrate “Fart Friday” and to “join the stinky celebration — grab your very own Buttheads and get tooting!” Wowwee is now privately owned, after serving stints as part of Hasbro and other parent companies.

The product — which according to the company website will be available from Walmart and Amazon this month at a price point of $9.99 each — has begun significant advertising on children’s television shows. The product bears the delightfully simple slogan of “Buttheads: Their Heads Are Butts.”

The different Buttheads even have distinct personas. Brainfart, according to the Wowwee website, is “a true ‘can-ibal,’ Brainfart’s farts can chew through just about anything. You can’t kill him… or his smell!”

Of the Grim Ripper, the site claims that “you won’t hear him approach, but The Grim Ripper’s scent will stop you DEAD in your tracks!” Tushi’s “blade always remains sharp for cutting the cheese! He is the master of cheek to cheek combat!” And Robutt is described as “artificial Intelligence? More like Artificial Inflatulence! Meet Robutt: the ULTIMATE fart machine!”

The brand also uses the overall slogan “Loud and Proud” for its flatulent heroes.

Buttheads are far from the first children’s toy to focus on bodily functions. Several baby dolls have been released in recent years that urinate and defecate, including the “Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll.” Hasbro has released a board game with the perhaps self-explanatory title of “Don’t Step In It.” There’s also Doogie Doo, a toy dog that poops — as well as multiple toilet-based games.

USA Today wrote in December that in 2018, “everything gross is at the center of 2018’s trending, must-have children’s gifts.”