WWE News: Chris Jericho Takes Huge Shot At WWE, Ring Of Honor, And Impact Wrestling Before Deleting It


When Chris Jericho was revealed as one of the newest members of All Elite Wrestling, fans around the world were completely shocked. Honestly, most everyone thought he was always going to be loyal to WWE and would always keep the door open to return to the promotion. While that may have still been the case, a recent tweet by Jericho may have shut that opening a little bit and could keep him on the outside.

With Jericho’s signing and the contracts of some other superstars set to expire soon, many have wondered just who could sign with All Elite Wrestling. It’s not yet known just how big Cody Rhodes and company want the roster to be, but some big names from WWE could add star power.

On Sunday evening, WWE presented the 2019 Royal Rumble which didn’t feature as many names from the past as usual. A lot of mid-card superstars and a good number from NXT took over slots in both the men’s and women’s battle royal matches, and it made for a fun night.

After the event, Chris Jericho hopped on Twitter and ended up taking a big shot at WWE as well as Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling. Not only did he take shots at those promotions, but he confirmed that AEW is looking at signing some of their stars.

“Hey @wwe, @ringofhonor & @IMPACTWRESTLING … I love watching you push all your randoms, But just know that we are interested in maybe 6-8 of your talents total. We don’t need you! @AEWrestling”

The tweet has since been deleted, but Online World of Wrestling did capture the content of it before it was taken down. As you can see, Jericho let three of the major wrestling promotions of the world know that they weren’t looking to hijack their entire roster.

No, Jericho and the rest of AEW are simply looking at a handful of their talents.

Fans began jumping on the tweet to ask him who All Elite Wrestling was looking at, but Jericho wouldn’t give any more information. At one point, he even denied being drunk after one fan accused him of such, and then, the tweet ended up being deleted.

There is no real way of knowing just who AEW is interested in from other promotions, but a number of names have received a lot of speculation. Sportskeeda specifically named Zack Ryder, Tye Dillinger, The Revival, and a few others.

All Elite Wrestling is going to make things very interesting, but if they’re going to compete with WWE, it’s going to take a bit of time. Chris Jericho adds a lot of star power to a roster that is quite small at the moment, but things could get fun really fast. At least now it’s known that Ring of Honor, WWE, and Impact Wrestling simply need to keep an eye on a few of their superstars and their possible departures.