Teen’s Giant ‘Snow Penis’ Enrages Neighbors, Humors Cops [Pics]

South Kingstown, RI – A 16-year-old Rhode Island prankster erected (yes, I’m going there) a 6-foot snow penis on his front lawn, much to the ire of his neighbors.

Taking advantage of last week’s blizzard, MSN reports that Ryan Worthington decided to build a giant, 6-foot snow penis “because, well, because he’s a 16-year-old boy.” It started as a joke on Monday, but became a national and Internet sensation when South Kingston natives started complaining about the bawdy display.

The Huffington Post reports that all of the attention Ryan got only encouraged him to perfect his giant snow penis, eventually adding to it and building it up to an astounding 12-feet.

Ryan’s mother, 41-year-old Raylene Worthington, said that while the giant snow penis should have melted on Tuesday, dozens of people showed up to take pictures with it.

“[Ryan] put it there as a joke so I’d see it when I went to work — I laughed my ass off,” she said. “People were taking pictures with it … but someone called police, some were offended.”

The police actually showed up twice to the Worthington home to inquire about the sculpture, but much to the chagrin of neighbors, the cops only laughed over the giant snow penis and allowed it to stand.

Artistic integrity, or something.

Never thought I’d write these words, but check out our giant snow penis gallery below. I’m not sure if I should label this NSFW or not.