Samantha Hoopes Leaves Little To The Imagination In Unzipped Swimsuit On Instagram

David BeckerGetty Images

Samantha Hoopes shared a risque Instagram photo with her fans today, wearing an unzipped black swimsuit that left little to the imagination. It’s unlikely Samantha was ever able to zip up the swimsuit anyway, as she left herself exposed as she posed outside. She wore her hair in a casual ponytail with her bangs framing her face on both sides. The model’s Stories reveal that the images are from a swimwear shoot she recently did, as she was spotted in a couple of different outfits.

This included a purple bikini and a red one-piece. Another photo showed Hoopes posing against a wall as she went shirtless under a gray suit. She allowed fans to get a feel of the behind-the-scenes work that went into the photoshoot by sharing images that captured the photographer at work. Many of the Stories were reposts from makeup artist and hairstylist Caylee Jolene, who’s based in Los Angeles.

It’s been a while since Samantha updated her fans on the social media platform. After all, her latest post was from January 21, which was a video selfie of her in a black, lacy bra. She wore very minimal makeup, including glossy lipstick and her hair down in a dramatic part.

Previously, the SI model revealed some of her tips to AskMen for dating a swimsuit model.

“I think the number one thing a guy can do to get any girl’s attention is to simply compliment her. Literally just having something nice to say. Or, invite her out to dinner. My whole thing is to just be yourself. As long as you are yourself, nothing can fail,” she told the site.

And one unfortunate man may recognize that he’s at fault for one of the worst first dates Hoopes remembers going on, as she said that “[it] was in someone’s basement – and he still lived with his mom. He made dinner for me, which I think is cute. But it was in his mom’s basement. He could’ve taken me out, at least. There was no second date.”

Not that these tips will work for guys to pick up Samantha, because according to Sports Illustrated, she became engaged to CEO of Helbiz, Salvatore Palella, in July 2018. Helbiz is a company that offers a sharing economy for transportation including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, according to Bitcoin Magazine. This explains Hoopes’ post from early December in which she posed on a Helbiz electric scooter.