Jenna Jameson Weight Loss Halted After 80-Pound Transformation

Valerie MaconGetty Images

Just days after celebrating her 80-pound weight loss, reality star Jenna Jameson announced via Instagram that she began increasing her calories in order to stop shedding pounds. On Sunday, the 44-year-old model shared side-by-side photos of her transformation and informed fans of the specific updates she’s made to her dieting routine.

The collage on Jameson’s Instagram feed shows before-and-after photos of her stunning results after dedicating herself to the Keto diet, which includes high fat intake and low carb intake, for several months. On the left, the “after” photo, Jameson flaunts her thin legs and arms as she goes pants-less in a sheer black tank top. The “before” photo on the right shows the model in black-and-white patterned pants and an orange sports bra.

The former adult film star began the diet in March 2018 but has since revealed that she is happy where she is and would like to maintain her current weight, according to Daily Mail. She is still eating the same foods but has added extra portions in order to up her calorie intake. In the caption of the Instagram post, Jameson wrote what she eats in a single day, starting with “two cups of coffee with Stevia and sugar free creamer.”

She explained that she waits until hunger strikes, usually in mid-afternoon, to make a light lunch.

“Lately I have been loving making a tender white fish baked in the oven in butter with garlic,” she said. “I pair that with a [SIC] arugula salad with olive oil and a touch of vinegar or my savage cabbage.”

For her “final meal” of the day, Jameson explained that she has been enjoying “Beastie Bolognese,” a meat sauce without pasta.

“I eat it like chili!” she said.

The reality star begins intermittent fasting around 6 p.m. until around 11 a.m. In that time, however, she will allow herself to drink a Moroccan tea consisting of fresh mint leaves and hot water. When she breaks the nightly fast, Jameson will sometimes enjoy a “bomblette,” which is a simple microwaved omelet, along with a glass of ice water.

“Hope this helps you guys,” Jameson wrote to fans working on weight loss.

Last week, Jameson posted a stunning bikini selfie to show off her newly toned body, according to an earlier Inquisitr story. In the caption, she praised the Keto diet despite the mixed reviews it has received and encouraged fans to try it themselves. Jameson also shared that she loves to read messages from fans about their own weight-loss journeys and urged users to send in more stories.