Duchess Kate Wore Princess Diana’s Sapphire Earrings In Scotland Today

Hannah McKayGetty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William are off on their first joint trip of the year. As has become her habit, the duchess of Cambridge is paying tribute to her late mother in law, Princess Diana, by wearing a piece of her signature jewelry on their trip to Dundee, Scotland.

Duchess Kate wore one of her favorite Alexander McQueen pieces, a Black Watch tartan dress coat which made the sapphire earrings that previously belonged to the late Princess Diana sparkle, says Town & Country. Kate has made an effort to take a piece of Princess Diana with her on high-profile official outings, and these earrings were a favorite of the princess of Wales.

The sapphire earrings were originally posts, and were part of a suite given to Diana as a wedding gift by Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia. The earrings match Duchess Kate’s sapphire engagement ring — and were made into drops to better suit Middleton’s style.

The Duchess of Cambridge often wears the earrings with her engagement ring on trips with Prince William. So far, she’s worn them to destinations like Norway and Australia, much like Princess Diana did for royal junkets to British territories.

And like Princess Diana, Kate Middleton has that way with crowds young and old — and today was no exception. As the duke and duchess of Cambridge arrived in Dundee to celebrate the opening of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Duchess Kate had a sweet moment with a little girl outside the community center, per People.

The young girl wanted to touch Kate’s signature blowout — which seems to always balance silky, shiny, and bouncy with no evidence of frizz. According to her stylist, this has come to be known as “The Kate” blowout look.

“It’s not just about Kate’s hair — it is beautifully finished, frizz-free, shiny hair. It’s a hairstyle that is well finished.”

While Duchess Kate was rocking a daytime look in Dundee, she often channels the princess of Wales when she wears her tiara, which Kates says is her favorite, according to the Inquisitr.

Princess Diana’s tiara, known officially as the “Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara,” now belongs to Duchess Kate. The accessory looks stunning perched atop her beautiful blowout, usually making an appearance for white tie events. Middleton has expressed that this tiara aways feels special.

“One of Diana’s most iconic pieces, the crown obviously holds sentimental value for the duchess of Cambridge, but it also has an amazing royal history. Sometimes referred to as the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, the topper is, in fact, a replica of an earlier tiara.”