New World Of Dreams Tour Being Offered At Walt Disney World Includes Access To Cinderella Castle Suite

Danny Cox

The Cinderella Castle Suite inside the famed icon at the Magic Kingdom is one of the most coveted locations in all of Walt Disney World, and you can now have access to it. A brand new VIP tour has been introduced at WDW which will include access to the suite and pretty much everything else anyone could possibly want. Now, all magic does come at a price, though, and this tour is on the higher end of the spectrum.

The new tour is called World of Dreams, and it is already available for guests to book if they wish to do it. This tour is not just limited to the Magic Kingdom and one of the main selling points is access to the Cinderella Castle Suite, which has been extremely restricted for a very long time.

Guests wishing to take part in the World of Dreams Tour can do it for a grand total of $12,000. That is for a maximum of six guests and the tour will last anywhere from one to 12 hours depending on what the guests in the group decide to do.

Additional days of the tour can be added at the reduced price of $10,000 each.

Yes, that is a rather steep price for a VIP tour anywhere, but when the details are broken down, it's kind of easy to see the value in it. For guests wishing to get in the ultimate Walt Disney World experience, this may be the thing for you.

This new tour will essentially be whatever the guests want to do during their time with a Cast Member. If guests want the tour to last one hour or five hours or 10 hours, it will do just that. The maximum is simply 12 hours, and the group can use all of those if they so choose.

When it comes to the things that can be done and accessed on the World of Dreams Tour, here are just some of the things that Disney VIP Tours will tell you: