Kiwi Fitness Model Abby Barlow Shows Off Abs While Enjoying The Sunny Weather In Australia

Abby BarlowInstagram

Abby Barlow, a fitness model from New Zealand, seems to be flattered with her growing number of followers on Instagram. Her growth in terms of fans of followers may be thanks to the gorgeous bikini snaps that the hottie posts every week.

The stunner recently took to the photo-sharing website and posted a picture of herself, wherein she is featured wearing a skimpy magenta-colored bandeau bikini top that she paired with matching bottoms. She wore her red hair in a high ponytail, and accessorized with a pair of black sunglasses.

The athlete looked away from the camera, and posed against the picturesque background of Palm Beach in New South Wales, Australia. The barely-there bikini allowed Abby to flaunt her amazingly well-toned thighs and arms — as well as her abs — which left her fans agape with admiration and envy.

Per usual, the athlete’s fans and followers left complimentary comments on her picture by using words and phrases like “you are beautiful,” and “goddess.” One fan wrote that Abby “definitely deserved this time away!”

In her photo caption, she wrote that although there are so many beautiful places in the world, she has a habit of going back to the same places — locales which have already earned her admiration. She also informed her fans that she had spent the last 10 days in Sydney.

And although she had been very happy for her getaway, she said that she can’t wait to go back to to the gym again. Prior to posting the current picture, the bikini athlete shared a series of snaps that were captured across different locations in Australia. Fans and followers not only praised the beauty of the places, but also showered Abby with various compliments — telling her to keep up the good work.

She posted another picture while wearing the same magenta bikini, and wrote in the caption that although she had packed 35 bikinis for the trip, she only got to wear one.

Per an article by NZ Herald, Abby achieved her amazingly well-toned body through strenuous exercises — including five 45-minute sessions of cardio and resistance training per week. But unlike other members of the same gym, Barlow works harder, especially when she is training for her Bikini Athlete competition.

As the article detailed, Abby performs Athletica — a midweek cardio session that burns up to 800 calories — for her “rest day.”

And apart from her good diet and exercise regime, Abby thinks that it is very important to stay happy for one’s health and well being. In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote the following.

“Devote your full attention to your inner self and appreciate being in the moment. This is not to say goals aren’t important because they sure as hell are & I’m one goal driven gal but it’s so key to remember that happiness is never external — more a way of living and appreciating life.”