Bright Streak Of Light Reported Over California [Video]

A bright streak of light over California this weekend has astronomers in the area stumped.

According to CBS, several people in the San Fransisco Bay area witnessed a bright streak of light flash across the sky. The reports started coming in a few hours after a meteor struck Russia and a few hours before Asteroid 2012 AD14 made its flyby over earth.

The Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland said that it received several reports of a “fireball” on Friday night. The space center, however, did not witness the streak of light with it’s own telescopes.

One spectator said: “It looked like a big flash of lightning. It was quick.”

The Associated Press reports that meteorites hit earth about five to 10 times a year. A large meteor, like the one that struck Russia earlier this week, is more rare.

Did you see the bright streak of light over California last night? Are you worried about meteors? With the incident in Russia and the flyby last night it’s not surprising that people are a little nervous about bright lights in the sky. Here’s the video from YouTube.