Ryan Reynolds Trolls Chris Hemsworth’s Thailand Vacation Photo On Instagram

Carlos AlvarezGetty Images

Ryan Reynolds, the internet’s favorite Hollywood troll, is at it again. The Deadpool star was quick to comment on fellow actor Chris Hemsworth’s latest vacation shot on Instagram. In good spirits, Hemsworth played along and quipped back, resulting in a hilarious exchange between the two Marvel stars.

The photo, which Hemsworth shared on Monday, showed the 35-year-old Thor star in mid-leap off of a rock formation into the water below in Thailand, Entertainment Tonight reported. The actor’s abs flexed as he pulled his arms and legs behind him for an epic belly flop. Hemsworth stared into the camera powerfully as he showed off his athleticism. Behind him, wife Elsa Pataky lounged on the rocks in a pink bikini as she held up the shaka hand sign and smiled at the camera.

In a comment captured by Instagram account CommentsByCelebs, Reynolds, 42, wrote, “I can’t believe the water was only an inch deep. So sorry. Hope you’re recovering okay.”

Hemsworth swept off the remark and defended his dive by calling it legendary.

“Yes I may have misjudged the depth @vancityreynolds, but scars fade, the legend of this leap will live on forever #worthit,” he wrote.

Back in August, Hemsworth joked that he was going to steal Reynolds’ role as Deadpool. The star was celebrating his 35th birthday alongside Pataky with a lit birthday cake when their son decided to shove Hemsworth’s face into the flaming candles, as he later explained in an Instagram post.

“I’ll now be playing Deadpool if @vancityreynolds pulls the pin,” he captioned the birthday image, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Reynolds joined in by joking that his daughter just “stabbed me in the right eye” — so that he would be able to take on Hemsworth’s role as Thor.

Reynolds has been known to troll other stars in Hollywood, including his own wife, actress Blake Lively. Since their marriage in 2010, the two have roasted each other on social media every chance they get.

In June, Lively commented on an ad featuring Reynolds being interviewed by his “twin” brother, Gordon (played by Reynolds himself). The actress wrote that she made a “terrible mistake” marrying the wrong Reynolds brother.

“Sh*t. Your brother is hot. I’ve made a terrible mistake,” she wrote, according to Cosmopolitan.

Reynolds quickly fired back with, “You haven’t made a mistake. You’ve been living with him over a year.”

Fans can see Ryan Reynolds in his upcoming film POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, and Chris Hemsworth in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.