‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers And Rumors: Is Kerry Telling The Truth?

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Long awaited The Young and the Restless spoilers finally reveal Kerry’s deep dark secret she’s hidden from and lied to Jack about, and it is difficult to believe that she told him the truth.

According to She Knows Soaps, Jack (Peter Bergman) finally confronted Kerry (Alice Hunter) about the syringe he found in her purse. Although Jack apologized for accidentally seeing the medical device in Kerry’s handbag, he still demanded to know what she was hiding from him. Jack also correctly assumed that her recent excuse about traffic count was a lie too, and Kerry confirmed.

Ultimately, Kerry revealed that she’s taking the drugs to have her eggs frozen so she can have a baby later in life, which of course, surprised Jack. He felt perhaps Kerry needs to be with somebody other than him since he’s not interested in having any more children at this point in his life. Maybe their age difference is something that is too big to overcome.

The storyline is oddly reminiscent of Hilary (Mishael Morgan) last year when she first started her fertility journey. Her first step was looking into freezing her eggs, but then, she decided she wanted to have a baby instead, so she looked through donor files to find the perfect DNA for her baby. Ultimately, Hilary ended up convincing Devon, and she got pregnant with his child, but the crash with Lily (Christel Khalil) ended both Hilary and the baby’s lives.

Now, a year later, another Genoa City woman is freezing her eggs, and while it’s not that unheard of for women with high-powered careers, it still seems a bit off for some viewers. After all of Kerry’s strange behavior and lies, taking drugs in advance of freezing her eggs does not look like it’s something she should have hidden from Jack as she did.

One fan responded, “Her confession is ridiculous. She’s only 29 years old to be freezing her eggs. I’m sure that’s a lie.”

Many viewers think Kerry’s explanation is not the entire truth of the situation given her lies to this point. Sure, Jack does not want any more children, but there’s no reason to lie to him about something like this in their relationship. Eagle-eyed soap opera fans believe that there is more to this storyline coming soon because Kerry’s big reveal is not quite “soapy” enough to ring true to them.

The wild theories floating around include that Kerry is a spy for Ashley (Eileen Davidson) or Victor (Eric Braeden) and is quietly somehow working to bring down Jack. Others believe that Graham (Max Shippee) is still alive and somehow Kerry and Graham are working together. The possibilities are nearly endless in Daytime.