January 29, 2019
Dax Shephard 'Wasn't Certain' He Wanted To Be With Kristen Bell

Though Dax Shepard and wife Kristen Bell may appear to have the perfect fairytale romance now, it turns out it wasn't always that way for Dax. In a new interview with Off Camera With Sam Jones, the actor admitted that he actually wasn't too worried about losing Kristen early on in their relationship and wasn't even sure for a while that he wanted to be with her at all.

Speaking about the uncertainty he felt toward his now-wife early on in their romance, Shepard said, per a report from Entertainment Tonight, that he "never ever was like, 'Oh, I hope I can keep Kristen'" when they started dating.

Instead, he admitted that he questioned his decision to get serious with her. "I was going, 'Do I want to be with a Christian, who has eight people living in her house for free, who has to get out of a car when there's a dog who doesn't have a leash and ruin her whole day to rescue this dog?'" he recalled.

"That's great, and she's good, but that's not what I want to do. I'm not that good," he then continued during the very candid chat about his feelings early on in his relationship with the Frozen star. "I don't want to spend my day finding the owner of a dog."

Dax then added that he actually "wasn't fearful" that things wouldn't work out with Kristen, adding, "I wasn't certain I wanted to be with someone like that."

However, he admitted during the candid chat that he did later realize how special Bell is and decided to change his approach to dating.

"I made a real conscious decision that I wasn't going to try to make her into the person I wanted to date," Shepard said, admitting that when he'd done that in the past, he didn't exactly end up liking that person.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell at the People's Choice Awards 2017
Getty Images | Christopher Polk

Fortunately, everything ended up working out pretty well for the couple - despite Dax's initial reservations - as the twosome will be celebrating six years of marriage this year.

The couple first started dating in late 2007 and then got engaged three years later in 2010, but, as reported by Celebuzz, they announced shortly after their engagement that they would be waiting until same-sex marriage was legal in the state of California before they get married themselves.

After the law was eventually passed in the state, Bell and Shephard tied the knot in a very low-key ceremony in October 2013. They also have two children together: daughters 4-year-old Delta and 5-year-old Lincoln.

Though the couple tends to keep their family life with their daughters under the radar and away from the spotlight, as the Inquisitr reported back in August, Bell did give fans a rare look at life as parents as their eldest daughter headed to school.

Kristen shared an adorable rare photo of her daughter on her Instagram page which showed herself and Dax taking Lincoln to her first week of kindergarten. The family sweetly all held hands as they walked to school together, while little Lincoln had a big backpack on her back.