Roger Stone & His Wife Allegedly Hung Out At 1990s Sex Club That Turned Into ‘One Big Orgy,’ Author Claims

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Three days after longtime Donald Trump adviser and friend Roger Stone was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on several charges related to his alleged role as an intermediary between the 2016 Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, Stone’s alleged past as a frequent patron of notorious clubs with “sex acts openly taking place on the dance floor, in back rooms, and even the bar, with porn running on TV sets” has been chronicled by celebrity biographer Jerry Oppenheimer in a lengthy article for Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Stone’s presence on the “swingers” scene with his wife, Nydia, has been public knowledge since at least 1996, when Stone was forced to resign as an aide to Republican Senator and presidential nominee Bob Dole after a series of ads the couple placed on “swingers” websites and newspapers were uncovered by the National Enquirer, according to an account of the episode by the Smoking Gun investigative news site.

The swingers scene, sometimes known as “the lifestyle,” involves couples participating in group sexual encounters with other people who are not their spouses or significant others, as the Huffington Post has explained.

In one online ad on a swingers site, paid for by Stone’s credit card according to the Smoking Gun, Stone’s wife was described as having “an insatiable hunger for huge hung black C***.” The ad went on to describe Stone’s wife’s anatomy and genitalia in graphic detail. The full text of the ad that resulted in Stone’s forced resignation from Dole’s staff was posted online by the Smoking Gun, but readers should be warned, the ad contains extremely explicit language that some may find offensive.

Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller handed down multiple indictments of Roger Stone on Friday.Featured image credit: Alex WongGetty Images

Another swingers ad placed by Stone, as reported by the Washington Examiner, read “Hot former model seeks exceptional, in shape muscular… studs for threesomes with herself and body builder husband.” The ad was accompanied by a photo of Stone shirtless, and his wife, also topless.

In his Daily Mail article, Oppenheimer describes an establishment located just a block from the White House that served as a mainstream restaurant during daytime hours, but “transformed on Saturday nights into a steamy XXX-rated private club aptly named ‘Capitol Couples’ where the Stones rubbed shoulders and other body parts with a variety of mostly upscale members.”

Bob Dole speaks at the the 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole.
The 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole.Featured image credit: Chris HondrosGetty Images

“By midnight, the Capitol Couples club had turned into one big orgy, with sex acts openly taking place on the darkened dance floor, in back rooms, and even along the elegant L-shaped bar, with porn videos running in the background on TV sets,” Oppenheimer wrote in his article, adding, “The Stones were card-carrying regulars at Capitol Couples, and also at one of the raunchiest sex clubs for couples in New York City, Le Trapeze.”

Though there was no allegation that Stone and his wife engaged in any illegal acts at the sex clubs, “activities were viewed as hypocritical and immoral based on the conservative family values that Dole espoused in his campaign, and that Roger Stone advocated as a Dole front man,” Oppenheimer wrote.