‘Maxim’ Model Natalie Roser Goes Fully Nude For Steamy Hot Spring Instagram Pic

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Natalie Roser is enjoying a trip to Japan, and her newest Instagram post shows her stripping down to relax in a natural hot spring.

Snow was visible on the ground as the model sat outside of the hot spring, her feet submerged in the waters. Natalie held a bit of snow in her left hand as she censored herself with her arms and legs. She wore her hair down, and appeared to be blowing a kiss to the camera. A second photo in the series showed her halfway in the water as she turned her back to the camera, grabbing onto the ledge.

Roser is at Hotel Villa Hakuba, which boasts onsens — the natural hot springs. Onsens are segregated between men and women, and it’s completely acceptable to be fully nude. The hotel advises guests to be mindful of any tattoos they may have, because some locations won’t allow you in if you have them. This is because tattoos are largely associated with mafia members in Japan.

The model has also updated fans with Instagram Stories of herself going snowboarding, plus a view from a cozy room of the very snowy landscape. It certainly looks like she’s having a blast, and fans can hope for more updates as her trip progresses.

Previously, Natalie’s explained how her athletic and muscular figure was spurned by the fashion industry. This “was years ago,” but the agents told her things like “You’re looking a bit strong for the fashion world.”

“I started to change my training, but I was changing it for them. Now that I’m a bit older and I’ve really learnt about how my body works and when I feel the best, I’ve learnt to train just for myself. That’s my philosophy.”

Roser also added that “My body confidence is good now, but there have always been doubts – if you don’t get a job, you think, ‘Is it because my measurements are bigger than the girl who did?’ Little things play on your mind.” This is a sentiment that’s often shared by many successful models, because not everyone is exactly what the casting director is looking for. Natalie added that she realized over time that not being chosen isn’t a reflection of her or her talents, but rather that she wasn’t the exact fit the brand was looking for.

The model is originally from Australia, and made the move to Los Angeles with her boyfriend in 2018. She’s building her fan base in the U.S. now, and with one million fans on Instagram, it looks like it’s going well so far.