‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Opens Up To Colton Underwood About ‘Darkest Time’ In Her Life

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The Bachelor spoilers have been hyping a big conversation coming up this season between Colton Underwood and one of his bachelorettes, and more information about the situation has now emerged. This buzzed-about conversation comes up during a date with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and viewers have some very serious moments to watch as Episode 4 plays out Monday night.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Caelynn Miller-Keyes is an advocate for sexual assault survivors because she is one herself. Caelynn was raped in college and the conversation she has about this with Colton during her Episode 4 date is said to change things for Underwood in a big way.

Host Chris Harrison has shared Bachelor spoilers suggesting that this specific conversation has a monumental impact on the rest of the season. A new preview from ET Online shares a bit about how this goes.

Those who have followed the Bachelor spoilers about Miller-Keyes’ background figured this conversation would be about this piece of Caelynn’s past, and indeed that is the case. The sneak peek shows the Bachelor contestant noting that this isn’t a conversation she enjoys having with anyone and she wishes she could just be a happy, goofy person. However, she knows it’s important to discuss this part of her past.

Miller-Keyes talked with People about what happened to her several years ago. Caelynn shares that when she was a sophomore in college, a male acquaintance drugged her at a party. She woke up naked in her bed the next morning and immediately knew that something awful had happened.

A friend of Caelynn’s was able to tell her some of what happened the prior night. One guy allegedly lifted up her dress in front of a group of his fraternity buddies and took pictures of her while another man allegedly had sex with her as she was unconscious. Miller-Keyes says that she was turned away by the first hospital she went to for help and she explains she learned that reporting this type of incident is far more challenging than most people would realize.

Luckily, Caelynn explains, she had a good support system during that difficult time and friends went with her to a second hospital so she could report what happened and have a rape kit done. Unfortunately, because the kit wasn’t done until some time after the assault, the results were inconclusive.

Eventually, one of the men involved was expelled from the college. Miller-Keyes, who chooses not to name the men who assaulted her even though she knew them, says she has forgiven them and has detached herself from reliving it. She says this allowed her to reclaim her power and she hopes the men don’t do anything like this again.

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While Miller-Keyes is very outspoken about her experience now, she says she initially hid it and was unable to talk about it for two years. The aftermath of the assault was the darkest time of her life, Caelynn says, but now her focus is on helping other survivors.

The Bachelor contestant says that during filming, she felt an immediate connection and safeness with Colton and this allowed her to feel comfortable talking to him about this incident. Miller-Keyes says she’s grateful for how Underwood handled the discussion, and she praised production for keeping the cameras pulled back to allow her a safe space to open up about it.

How does Colton respond and what does he share about himself in response? The Bachelor spoilers have suggested that Caelynn’s experience will prompt a significant revelation of some sort about Colton and his virginity, but so far, the link hasn’t been revealed.

It’s easy to see why this conversation will be a powerful one and based on Bachelor spoilers for the episode, this will all happen during the latter part of Monday’s show. Tayshia Adams’ date comes first and then the group date will be shown. Caelynn’s outing comes third and it would seem that the conversation happens during the dinner portion of the date.

Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season as Episode 4 airs Monday night to see Colton Underwood hear directly from Caelynn Miller-Keyes about this experience. Will this truly change the course of the season as has been teased? Everybody will be quite curious to watch it all play out.