Colton Underwood’s Rumored Final Pick Teases ‘Bachelor’ Fans, Reality Steve Shares Status Update On Couple

Craig SjodinABC

Colton Underwood has said that he wanted to leave his season of The Bachelor as an engaged man and spoilers are swirling about whether or not he achieved his goal. Gossip guru Reality Steve has been sharing plenty of teasers about how things supposedly go in these last few weeks, and some fans suspect that Colton’s rumored pick has been playing with fans a bit on social media.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, gossip king Reality Steve has teased that there are some unusual twists and turns that come toward the end of the season. If his Bachelor spoilers are accurate, he takes Tayshia Adams, Cassie Randolph, and Hannah Godwin to the overnight fantasy suite dates.

After some jaw-dropping surprises, he supposedly chooses Cassie, but they do not get engaged. They agree to keep dating after she freaks out over the idea of an engagement, and they are said to still be dating now.

In Reality Steve‘s latest blog post, he was asked by a reader if Colton and Cassie have been seeing more of one another than couples usually do. She lives in Huntington Beach, California, and he seems to be in Los Angeles a lot. Given that, it seems it’d be easy for them to spend a lot of time together.

The gossip king says that he does know if Cassie and Colton have been continuing to see one another during this time where they have to keep their relationship under wraps. He says that yes, the fact that she lives in California makes it easier, but he’s not sure that they’re necessarily seeing more of one another than other couples have in the past.

While it’s not confirmed yet that Reality Steve’s spoilers are right, some think that Cassie made a reference to his intel in a recent Instagram post. Heading into Episode 3, where she was on a group date that involved some physical challenges, the Bachelor contender threw out some quips that seemed to sync pretty nicely with Reality Steve’s teasers.

One of the challenges included flipping a huge tire in a race and Cassie joked about how she had to secure the “ring.” She also joked about getting the ring away from her as she’s not ready, or perhaps she is, and she also referenced famed engagement ring jewelry designer Neil Lane in her post.

It’d be impossible not to think that her second joke in that post was anything but a reference to Reality Steve’s spoilers. Obviously, Cassie doesn’t confirm or deny what he’s said happens toward the end of the Bachelor season, but she seems to at least be up for joking about it.

The sparks certainly have been flying between Cassie and Colton during these early episodes. The Bachelor spoilers report that he ends up feeling completely confident that she’s the one for him. But will she manage to get to that point of confidence about this relationship too? Fans will be anxious for more spoilers as the finale draws near, and it’s at least good news for now that they seem to still be together.