‘The Bachelor’ Drama: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Vs Hannah Brown, Acquaintances Talk About Beauty Pageant Battle

Craig SjodinABC

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that the friction between beauty pageant queens Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes is going to continue to cause some chaos as Colton Underwood’s season continues. As viewer saw in Episode 3, both women talked to Colton about the demise of their former friendship — and he was left feeling frustrated. Now, some additional details are emerging about exactly what went wrong between these two women.

Hannah and Caelynn knew one another quite well, and were very friendly heading into last year’s Miss USA competition. Brown, who was Miss Alabama, and Miller-Keyes, who was Miss North Carolina, even roomed together during the competition’s events.

By the time the competition was over, the friendship between Hannah and Caelynn had imploded, but there isn’t much clarity about exactly why that is. As the Inquisitr detailed, Caelynn told Colton that much of it was due to sour grapes on Hannah’s part. However, Vulture shares insights from some beauty pageant insiders that signal it’s more complicated than that.

Austin Ryde, who is a photographer and makeup artist closely connected to various Miss USA personalities, says he had been close with Miller-Keyes for 10 years before their friendship fell apart. He says that Hannah and Caelynn’s relationship didn’t come to an end over any one problem, but he seems to stand by Brown’s take on things.

Ryde says that shortly after the Miss USA competition ended, Hannah sent Caelynn a text that Austin saw. He says the general vibe was that Brown congratulated Miller-Keyes on her runner-up placement. At the same time, Hannah wrote that Caelynn hadn’t acted in a very positive, nice way — and that it took away from Brown’s own experience.

In addition, while Ryde hasn’t met Brown, he said that Hannah’s description of Caelynn’s off-camera personality was quite accurate. He admits that while jealousy may have been one component of Brown’s animosity toward Miller-Keyes, it wasn’t the only factor.

An anonymous contestant told Vulture that Caelynn’s claim about Hannah being upset over not placing isn’t what caused the problems in their friendship. In fact, this former contestant claims that this story is essentially the exact opposite of what actually happened. It’s clear that this unnamed source thinks that Colton is misjudging who is telling the truth in this situation.

“I think Colton is kind of stupid if he can’t really see the difference between the two. One is genuine and completely herself, and the other is manipulative.”

For the most part, neither Brown nor Miller-Keyes have tackled this conflict via their social media pages. However, Us Weekly noticed one pair of Instagram posts that certainly look connected to this.

As the outlet notes, during the competition Brown posted a photo showing herself in an orange jumpsuit, saying that orange is the new pink. A few days later, Miller-Keyes posted a shot showing her wearing a pink outfit — and she seemed to be clapping back pretty directly at her former friend with her caption.

The Bachelor spoilers hint that Colton Underwood won’t really get much in the way of clarity or resolution on this battle as his season continues. Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes seem like the perfect pair to send on a two-on-one date at some point of the season, but spoilers suggest that doesn’t end up happening.

What’s the truth about what happened between Caelynn and Hannah? Will either of them open up about it outside of filming? Fans are buzzing over this conflict — and it sounds as if it will continue to cause friction as things continue this winter on The Bachelor.