‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers, Episode 5: Colton Underwood Takes 13 Ladies To Thailand, Three Head Back Home

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Episode 5 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season will be set in Thailand as Colton Underwood goes on another round of dates and faces additional eliminations. The women were getting frustrated over the intense competition they faced against one another while in Singapore, and spoilers suggest that things will be even more difficult in Thailand.

Gossip king Reality Steve has shared plenty of juicy Bachelor spoilers regarding what goes down in Thailand. It looks like Colton will have two one-on-one dates and one group date, which is pretty standard for this point in the season.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Underwood’s first date for Episode 4 will go to Cassie Randolph, profiled earlier by Inquisitr. Additional tidbits about what the two do during their outing will emerge in the days ahead, but it is said to go well, and she’ll get a rose and be safe from elimination.

The group date has 11 ladies participating, and again, Reality Steve’s spoilers don’t break down any specifics regarding what they do. However, it seems that Hannah Brown will end up snagging the group date rose.

The other one-on-one goes to never-been-kissed bachelorette Heather Martin. It seems quite likely that Colton and Heather will kiss at some point during this date, and she apparently does get a rose from Underwood.

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These past 24 hours have been such a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions! (I guess sharing intimate details about your dating life on national television will do that to you haha????) I was really nervous before last night’s episode aired because I knew my position and my stand on relationships and intimacy is not the norm. I know I am not alone in feeling insecure at times because my experience is not that of my peers. That being said I am proud of where I am and my decisions I have made to follow my heart and stay true to myself. After I opened up to Colton about my experience on last night’s episode, the outpouring of comments, DMs, and kind words of encouragement have been SOOOOO INCREDIBLE. I am so happy if my story can help anyone feel less alone and normal about taking YOUR time with relationships! I’m going to try to respond to everyone I can over the next few days but just want to say a big thank you to @coltonunderwood for being so compassionate and respectful about everything, and thank you again to everyone for the kind words. I’m so stoked to watch this season unfold!

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Viewers quickly fell in love with bachelorette Elyse Dehlbom earlier this season when she teased Underwood about his age and then had a great one-on-one with him. While she admitted that she was quite smitten during that outing, Bachelor spoilers suggest that she will find that she feels differently during her time in Thailand.

At some point of Episode 4, Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Elyse will eliminate herself and head home. It looks like there may have been a hint of this in the full-season preview, as she’s seen crying and talking about how she can’t accept a proposal. Whatever it is that drives her to make her decision, it sounds as if she leaves because she doesn’t see a future with Colton.

The rose ceremony in Episode 4 reportedly brings two more eliminations. According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Colton will choose to send Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Onyeka Ehie home at this point.

After Thailand, Colton Underwood and his remaining 10 bachelorettes will go to Vietnam for the next round of dates. The hometowns are already right around the corner and Bachelor spoilers hint that there’s a lot of drama on the way before the finale wraps up this spring. Viewers won’t want to miss any of the chaos ahead and there are said to be numerous twists and turns on the way.

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This is 27 ????????‍♂️

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