‘The Bachelor’ Slammed On Twitter For Dramatic TV Promo Teasing ‘Serious Conversation’

Rick RowellABC

Fans took to Twitter to slam The Bachelor for what several called a “dramatic” television promo to tease what will be a truly serious conversation between Colton Underwood and a contestant on the latest season of the popular ABC reality television show.

The show’s latest clip details a serious and hot-button discussion that Underwood and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have during a one-on-one date. The Twitter teaser for the January 28 episode talks about a “powerful conversation” but does not get into the details of the discussion between the two reality stars.

The show was criticized on social media for taking what will be a highly sensitive discussion and teasing it in an explosive way to get more viewers to watch. Miller-Keyes will openly speak about her sexual assault that occurred while she was a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and the discussion, according to Life & Style, turned very serious.

The news outlet reported Miller-Keyes alleged she was molested by a friend at his fraternity house, a story corroborated by two friends who also believed they too were assaulted with no recollection of what occurred to them.

Miller-Keyes has been vocal about her ordeal, even using the platform given to her during her reign as Miss North Carolina in 2018 to remove the stigma off of victims of sexual assault, reported Life & Style.

Her conversation with Underwood will touch on this fact, but fans are none too happy with the show’s attempt to draw viewers in by not telling them what the two were discussing. This led to some serious conflict between fans, some of whom who knew the reality star’s backstory and others who did not.

One Twitter user commented, “Because you can’t be on this show if you haven’t had something huge happen to you in your life. It’s a prerequisite.”

“Overly dramatic,” said another Twitter fan of the promo.

Another concurred, “Beautiful girl, but transparently fake in a way that I can’t appreciate.”

In response, a fan remarked, “This is actually something big. It’s going to be a raw emotional conversation.”

Still, another stated, “She was sexually assaulted yalllll stop w your jokes!”

The show did not reveal just how Underwood reacted to Miller-Keyes’ story. Instead, the promo just showed an embrace between the two.

Underwood has had a connection with Miller-Keyes since the newest season of The Bachelor began, as she was the first woman to receive a kiss from the former football star.

It remains to be seen how this admission will affect the couple’s burgeoning relationship as the two continue to connect with one another.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.