Midwest Faces Wind Chill of -50 F Which Could Freeze Skin In Ten Minutes As Polar Vortex Sweeps In

Scott OlsonGetty Images

The Midwest, which has already been hit with freezing temperatures, can expect thermometers to plunge even lower this week as the polar vortex is expected to hit the region with a vengeance bringing record temperatures with it.

The Daily Mail reports that wind chill temperatures across the region could dip as low as -40 F and in some parts, such as Green Bay, will go as low as -50 F.

They quote the National Weather service as saying, “There’s no mild way of saying it. Brutal cold is coming.”

The Great Lakes are predicted to be the center of storm and Chicago is expected to be the first place to feel the brunt of it. Between one and three inches of snow is expected to fall on the Windy City in the next 48 hours.

The Chicago Office of the National Weather Service has warned people in Chicago to be ready for disruption. “If travel is planned across the area this afternoon and evening, motorists should be prepared to encounter snow-covered roads, and slow travel conditions,” they said.

But as the week goes on it will not be the snow but the temperatures that are going to be the real problem. The Chicago Office took to Twitter to warn of “possibly record-setting cold air mass will bring dangerous & potentially life-threatening temps & wind chills Tuesday night through early Thursday.”

By Wednesday and Thursday of this week, it will not just be Chicago, but also the likes of Minneapolis, Green Bay, Detroit, and Milwaukee who will be experiencing the arctic blast.

Some are predicting it could be the coldest weather seen in the region for five years. Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private Weather Underground, told the Daily Mail, “We’re going to be feeling it big time. It’s going to be the coldest air in five years.”

Others, including the National Weather Service, are cautioning that it could be even worse than that. The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that they expect more than a foot of snow in the next 24 hours and say that temperatures will drop as low as -20 F, with wind chill taking that down as low as -60 F.

If you think its unnaturally cold while you are wrapped up warm in the Midwest, it is! Meteorologists have suggested that while the Polar Vortex is ravaging the region with record low temperatures, it will probably be warmer in some parts of Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, and even the Arctic itself than it will be in places like Chicago.