When Is ‘Shameless’ Season 9 Expected To Hit Netflix?

Michael TullbergGetty Images

Considering Season 9 of Shameless just returned from the mid-season finale last week, it is a little early for it to have a concrete Netflix release date. This, however, hasn’t stopped subscribers who rely on Netflix for access to newer shows and shows currently in production from wondering when Season 9 can be expected to hit the content library.

Fortunately, as What’s On Netflix likes to remind us, the streaming giant is notorious for sticking to pretty consistent and predictable schedules when it comes to the release of a new season. For that reason, the Netflix news site has been able to make an educated guess regarding when fans of the Showtime series may get to tune in to the new season of the Gallagher family.

According to What’s on Netflix, the streaming giant has dropped new seasons of Shameless into the content library between the months of June and August each year. So, fans of the series can expect the new season to drop sometime during that time window.

As we get closer to the month of June, a more concrete release date for Season 9 on Netflix should become available.

As Refinery 29 previously reported, the Netflix release date for each season of Shameless is such a huge deal and a hot topic because the series snagged “a glow” from the streaming giant that resulted in a growth in fan base and an increase in popularity.

Being a Showtime series, it wasn’t a show that a person with a basic cable package would have necessarily had access to and been able to watch. Even those who opt for TV streaming services such as Hulu TV or YouTube TV have to pay for a Showtime extension in order to access Showtime content such as Shameless.

So, when the series was introduced to the Netflix library, it was also introduced to a whole new pool of viewers that quickly binged through the series and joined the fan base of the show.

While Showtime president and CEO David Nevins openly admits there is no doubt Netflix has played a role in the popularity, the producers and writers are cautiously excited as it is important to make sure the show is still recognized as a piece of Showtime content and not a piece of Netflix content.

“The downside is I don’t want people thinking it’s a Netflix show,” he explained.

Shameless Season 9 is currently airing each Sunday night on Showtime, and is available roughly 24 hours prior via the Showtime streaming app.