Hailey Clauson Shows Off Cleavage In Polka-Dot Shirt

Hailey Clauson shared a new selfie on Instagram, which showed her laying on her side in a low-cut polka dot shirt as she showed off her cleavage. The model pushed her sunglasses down her nose and gave kissy lips to the camera, as a sun flare gave the photo a dreamy vibe. Clauson's second-newest post was a striking image of her, where she wore a scarf around her head and a halter top. She looked straight at the camera, with her hair combed over dramatically with a couple of curls that dangled on the left side of her face. The black-and-white photo accentuated her dark eyeliner and mascara. The model credited photographer Giampaolo Sgura.

Additionally, the model was photographed sitting in the driver's seat of a vintage pink car. She wore a sweet white dress and white cowboy boots. Hailey revealed in the captions that she doesn't know how to drive, which might come as a surprise to some of her fans. The post was geo-tagged at The Pink Motel, which is located on San Fernando Road outside of Los Angeles, according to Curbed. It's become a popular filming spot for anyone looking for an authentic, vintage backdrop.

Previously, the model shared some of her thoughts with Fashionista, including advice for anyone considering entering the modeling industry.
"Learn who you are as a person and become a really strong woman or man and then if you feel that you're ready to model after, then go for it and see how it goes. But always stay yourself."
And it doesn't sound like Clauson is satisfied with just a successful modeling career. She added that "I always wanted to go to film school, but lately I've been really interested in cooking, so I've been thinking about maybe going to culinary school or something. It's all up in the air." Whatever she decides to do, it's likely that her fans will be on board to support her.

Hailey also revealed that "The ideal goal is to have a beauty contract [and/or] a fragrance contract. But also just doing amazing photo shoots and leaving iconic images."

She mentioned how many supermodels are branching out beyond the modeling industry, and making a name for themselves in other industries. She cited Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington as prime examples. And it's true that many models are multi-faceted these days, with some choosing to start clothing companies, while others become actresses.