Jasmine Sanders Shows Off Curvy Derriere In New Instagram Photo

Jasmine Sanders appears to be making the most out of her trip to Tulum, as she's sharing several bikini photos that her fans are raving about. Her newest Instagram post shows her in a strappy, brown one-piece swimsuit. It had a thong-cut bottom and diagonal ties in both the front and back, as she perched on the edge of a blue chair and showed off her curvy derriere. A second photo from the series showed Jasmine standing on her toes as she played with her hair with both hands. Behind her were three large dream catchers.

And yesterday, Sanders shared a selfie of her hair in tight curls, as she wore it down. The model sported just a white robe, and her hair cascaded around her face. She wore natural-looking makeup, including a very light pink lipstick and gold eyeshadow.

Fans should also take a look at her Stories, as she asked people to let her know what they want to hear from her on her vlog. Jasmine also joked about how much she likes deleting and declining DM requests, so that's probably not a good way to get a hold of her. With over 3.3 million followers, however, such requests are probably just part of her daily routine.

While Jasmine has established her own brand and identity within the modeling world, she previously mentioned her model icons to Glamour.
"Adriana Lima. She's completely the full package, down to her personality and the way she treats everybody when she walks in the room.... So between her and Naomi Campbell, Gisele and Cindy Crawford. I take bits and pieces from each one of them and try to learn from each one of their stories."
All four women have unarguably left their own stamp in the modeling industry, and even as they are older now, are still busy working on various campaigns for notable brands.Plus, Sanders noted how social media has changed the industry, noting that most of all, it changed "How people are being discovered has changed. I think the internet is the way to everyone. There could be a huge designer that wants to book you across the world that would never even have seen you because you were in South Carolina, but then they happened to run across your Instagram." Of course, that's great news for any amateur models who are looking to break into the competitive market.