Actress Megan Mullally Says That No Designers Wanted To Sell Her A Dress For The SAG Awards

On Sunday evening, stars gathered along the red carpet for the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA. Among them was 60-year-old actress and comedian Megan Mullally. Mullally arrived dressed to the nines in a long black Alexander McQueen gown, Marni purse, and Aquazzura heels. Her jewelry was just as fabulous, including Chanel earrings and vintage rings and bracelets from her own collection. Anyone would assume the flawless ensemble was put together by a high-profile designer, but Mullally says this wasn't the case. In a red carpet interview, Mullally claimed she dressed herself when she couldn't get a designer to sell her a gown, according to People.

It is typical for designers to reach out to stars preparing for such an event in order to gain publicity for their brand when their clothing is worn on the red carpet. However, for whatever reason, few brands were interested in striking a deal with Mullally. Perhaps they didn't realize that the actress would actually be a host at the SAG awards, thus offering a guaranteed chance of getting their gowns on national television. Mullally wasn't bothered by the lack of interest and took the matter into her own hands by going shopping online.

"I always pick out clothes online and buy my own stuff because first of all I like it because I can just wear what I want to wear but also the major designers are not interested in sending me any dresses. Alexander McQueen did send two dresses but they didn't work out, but this is an Alexander McQueen dress that I bought online. I said I am literally hosting. There is a 100 percent chance that I will be on camera. But people were like, 'No, no thanks,'" she said laughing.

Mullally wants the public to know that not every star is having dresses thrown at them left and right. Designers often look for younger stars with a certain type of build. She isn't the first to call designer brands out for this discrimination. American singer Bebe Rexha took to social media earlier this week to share a negative experience with a designer who refused to sell her a dress for next month's Grammy Awards. At size 8, Rexha is deemed "too big" for their merchandise. Demi Lovato and other musicians were quick to defend her and warn against discrimination in the fashion industry. "If you're not the right age or not the right size or not the right level of coolness or whatever it is, I mean I think it should be a little more egalitarian," Mullally said.