Taylor Hill Is Pretty In Pink Lingerie On Instagram

Taylor Hill posed in a pink lingerie set on Instagram, as she repped her brand, Victoria's Secret. She wore a pink bra with thick straps with the VS name in white, along with matching bottoms. The model wore her hair in a very high ponytail and played with her hair with her left hand as she placed her right arm over her stomach. Hill was also featured a while ago in a couple of casual posts where she wore a pink bra under a blue robe with floral accents. She was photographed holding a white mug in her left hand that read, "let's stay home," as she wore her hair down.

The model's recent personal Instagram posts show her looking fabulous in a different look than usual. She posed for Ralph Lauren and a few days ago had her hair straightened. Taylor wore a sophisticated outfit consisting of a white dress shirt, high-waisted pants, and a long necklace. Her hair was down in a middle-part and a later post showed her posing with an RL fragrance called Romance.

The campaign for the fragrance features not just Taylor but also her boyfriend, Stephen Shank, which is fitting for the romantic angle Ralph Lauren was looking for.

Hill and her boyfriend spoke with Glamour about the campaign, with the former opening up about what makes the brand important to her.
"For me, it just made so much sense because I'm from Colorado, and I feel like a lot of essence and spirit of the brand is that Western cowboy theme.... Growing up, I always knew what Ralph Lauren was, and when I came to New York and started modeling, I walked into a Ralph Lauren store for the first time and was like, 'Wow, this looks like home. I don't feel so homesick!' I've been walking for the brand since I was 17, and I've done almost every show since then."
Taylor's boyfriend mentioned that shooting for Ralph Lauren was easy, which must have been so thanks to the amazing photographers. Plus, it was probably easy for them to pose and look in love since they're a couple in real life.

Shank was present during the RL events several days ago, and a photo that was shot of them in front of the sign was very sweet. He wore a brown blazer, white shirt, and dark pants. The boyfriend held Taylor's hand, as she posed in a white knee-length dress and cowboy boots.