What Is Camilla Parker-Bowles' Royal Title And What Will It Be When Charles Is King?

Ever since Prince Charles married for the second time, there has been a lot of buzz about what title his second wife would carry. His first wife and mother of his children carried the title of Diana, Princess of Wales, and was born Lady Diana Spencer and would have been Queen of England one day, but would Camilla Parker-Bowles also now be queen?

Cheat Sheet says that upon her marriage to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth gave Camilla the title Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. But this is not her only title, as she carries several which put her close to the top of the royal family.

For now, even though she doesn't use the name for the sake of propriety, Camilla is the Princess of Wales and was so when she married Prince Charles. In terms of title, she is Princess Charles of Wales.

The title "Prince of Wales" is a royal peerage which is given to the king or queen's eldest son, and first in the line of succession to the throne, and so that is Prince Charles' primary title, and his dukedom in England is Duke of Cornwall, so Camilla is known widely as the Duchess of Cornwall by choice.

Upon her marriage to Prince Charles, Camilla was also given the coveted HRH, Her Royal Highness, and she was also given the Scottish title of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Rothesay. Since Prince Charles doesn't have a title in Northern Ireland, neither does Camilla.

But the biggest question continues to be whether Camilla will ever be queen. The truth is, she will be styled as the queen, meaning that she will be the wife of the king, but Clarence House has announced that she will go by the title of Princess Consort when Charles becomes king, perhaps King Charles III (but that's a whole other story which has people examining the reputations of the first two King Charles and not in a good way).

Additionally, Duchess Camilla will never be the Queen Mother, which is generally the queen's title if her husband is the king and dies before her. But Camilla is not Prince William's mother, and so she will simply remain Princess, Consort if she outlives Prince Charles.

Some might think that Duchess Camilla has made many a compromise in terms of royal titles, but she has done far better than the last divorced woman who married a king, and that was Wallis Simpson of Baltimore, Maryland, says the Inquisitr. Though Wallis got to be the Duchess of Windsor, she never received the HRH that she and her husband always desired, and Duchess Camilla was given this by the queen on her wedding day to Charles.