Hillary Clinton Is Still Considering A Run For President In 2020, Senior White House Correspondent Claims

Hillary Clinton may have one more run left in her, a senior White House correspondent claims.

While the two-time Democratic hopeful has not said for sure what she plans in 2020, CNN's Jeff Zeleny said on Sunday that Clinton hasn't ruled out one more run for the White House. Citing sources from Clinton's inner circle, Zeleny said that Hillary has been waiting to see the fallout from the indictments of top Trump campaign officials and how it might affect the way voters perceive her in two years.

"Clinton is telling people that she's not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020," Zeleny said on Inside Politics.

"I'm told by three people that as recently as this week, she was telling people that look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying 'look, I'm not closing the doors to this.' "
But Zeleny noted that Hillary Clinton has not taken any steps toward actually setting up a campaign or even any plan in the works for how to put one together. That would likely mean Clinton is done with running for the presidency, as the Democratic field is already growing crowded with potential contenders and campaign staff are being snatched up. Elizabeth Warren, for example, has already snagged two key members of Clinton's campaign team for her own run.

Zeleny said that Clinton still wants to "take on Trump," but he wasn't sure if she would be able to win a Democratic primary to get there. Clinton was a heavy favorite when she lost to Barack Obama in 2008 and had a harder-than-expected time putting away Bernie Sanders in 2016, despite the Vermont Senator coming into the race with little national stature.

There are others who think that a familiar face from 2016 will end up as the Democratic candidate for president, but not Hillary Clinton. Former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said that he believes former First Lady Michelle Obama is primed for a run and likely would get the nomination if she did.

"Now that Michelle Obama has been named 'Most Admired Woman' for 2018, it's time for me to make a prediction for 2019: the former First Lady will toss her hat in the ring for 2020, and she will get her party's nomination," he wrote in a post on his website, according to the Daily Mail.

So far, Hillary Clinton has not said anything official about her plans for 2020, and Michelle Obama has repeatedly denied that she wants to run.