Trump 'Spanked Hard By Pelosi And It Still Hurts So Much He Can Barely Sit Down,' Says Republican Strategist

In an interview broadcast Sunday, Republican strategist Rick Wilson discussed the shutdown battle between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, Raw Story reports.

According to Wilson, the shutdown battle did not go well for Donald Trump. On the contrary, Trump walked away from it "humiliated."

According to the strategist, the shutdown battle exposed "the fraud and the con" of Donald Trump who advertised himself through his career and through the entirety of his presidency as a deal-maker, someone capable of striking a deal with almost anyone.

This sentiment is coincidentally shared by the co-author of The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz. As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, in a recent interview Schwartz -- much like Wilson -- said that Donald Trump is not nearly as good of a negotiator as he often says that he is. In fact, Schwartz described Trump as a "terrible" negotiator and a "failure."

But Schwartz is not the only person to criticize Donald Trump's handling of the shutdown situation. Even some of the president's closest media and political allies criticized him for caving, succumbing to the pressure, and reopening the government after failing to obtain money for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson went a step further, accusing Trump of creating "chaos" and achieving nothing in the end. According to Wilson, Donald Trump "walked out of the room with nothing, he didn't even have his pants." And at the end of the negotiation, according to the strategist, Trump was "humiliated and shamed."

Apart from slamming Trump, Wilson praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, effectively declaring her the winner in the longest shutdown fight in American history. Donald Trump, according to the strategist, "got spanked hard" by Pelosi.
"He was knocked down hard he got spanked hard by Nancy Pelosi and it still hurts so much he can barely sit down."
The shutdown fight, according to many -- even some Trump loyalists -- may have ended terribly for the president, but he is refusing to concede and back down. "This was in no way a concession," Trump tweeted on January 25, and ever since then the president's Twitter feed has been filled with messages and posts about the border wall, and its supposed effectiveness at combating crime and curbing illegal immigration.

Unless Donald Trump and the Democratic Party come to an agreement, the United States government will get shut down once again. Both sides now have only three weeks to strike a deal. If a compromise is not found, President Trump will declare a national emergency and start building a wall.