'Shameless' Star William H. Macy Gushes About 'Fairytale' Marriage

At 68-years-old, William H. Macy is an award-winning actor with a massive Hollywood career under his belt. Notably, that isn't the only thing the seasoned actor has under his belt as he's also been married for over two decades to his beautiful wife Felicity Huffman.

Known most recently for his role as Frank Gallagher in Shameless – which is currently airing Season 9 on Showtime – Macy is the total opposite of his character on screen. As those familiar with the series Shameless know, Macy's character Frank is notorious for being a selfish and self-serving individual that tends to love no one but himself.

According to People Magazine, Macy recently opened up about his 22 years of love with his wife Huffman during an interview with Willie Geist on Sunday Today.

"Our marriage is a fairytale marriage. I loved her the second I saw her," Macy gushed during the interview.

Like her husband, the 56-year-old actress also has an extensive Hollywood career under her belt that she kicked off when she started acting back in the late '70s.

According to William, he and Felicity both having careers in the entertainment industry is challenging. He, however, believes their shared interest in acting is ultimately what allowed them to bond so early on in their relationship.

"We talk about showbiz a lot. We give each other notes. It's not something everyone should try. She can be tough, and I can be tough, too. We met in the theater and that's really at the core of our relationship," Macy revealed as he continued to open up about his loving relationship with his wife.

The duo had an off and on dating relationship for nearly a decade and a half before they decided to make it official and settle down. Macy and Huffman have been married since 1997 and share two beautiful daughters, Sophia Grace (18) and Georgia Grace (16).

The lovebirds previously admitted to People Magazine that they loved being parents of teenagers. Felicity recalled reaching a point in their life where they no longer had to worry about contacting a babysitter to look after the girls when they have to go out for their careers.

People Magazine also reminds us this power couple has always been very supportive of each other and their successes.
"It's always been that way with us. She's never wanted anything for me but good things. I'm a lucky guy."
Fans of William H. Macy can catch him on the screen every Sunday night as Season 9 episodes of Shameless continue to air only on Showtime.